Yes, you have a sexual story. Some of that story may be good, even very good. But if “good” described your whole sexual story–well, you’d be unique. There’s almost certainly part of your sexual story that’s not so good. Perhaps you’ve “crossed the line” somewhere, and it’s weighing on you. Or old mental tapes or painful memories won’t leave you alone. There might even be some truly ugly parts of your sexual story, unspeakable things that happened to you or that you’ve done to yourself or others.

“Going there” feels uncomfortable. Why do you have to even think about it? Can’t you leave well enough alone? Jesus said, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). There certainly is a time and place for dealing with hard things. That being said, this is the time. And knowing the truth–including the truth of your sexual story–will set you free.

And as you come to know your story, it’s also important to invite Jesus into your sexual story. You know He already knows. But what about inviting Him right into the middle of it, right now, today? Things don’t stay the same when Jesus shows up. And they won’t be the same in your story once He shows up there either.

Doing that makes it possible to write a new chapter of your story. You will be the author, or perhaps more correctly the co-author, of the next chapter of your story, specifically your sexual story. You can come to see how your transformation is not primarily something God does for you, but it’s something He and you work out together. Married or unmarried, young or old, proud of your sexual past or too ashamed to even think about it, you and God together will write that new chapter.

Changing the Next Chapter of Your Story

As an OB-GYN physician for thirty years I’ve helped many women deal with the most intimate aspects of their bodies, lives, and relationships. As an ordained Christian minister and personal coach I’ve helped thousands of women, men, and couples find the transformation God has for them in the deepest parts of their souls. Every single day I hear from people from age 12 to 82, men and women, and in every conceivable relationship status who are desperate for that transformation in their own sex lives. And I’ve seen their heartache, trauma, and shame be healed.

You too can experience the transformation God has for you in a deeper way than you’ve yet imagined. I believe that because I’ve seen other people experience it. And I believe it because I’ve experienced it myself. Not that they or I are “done.” The transformation God offers is a process. But that process leads to wholeness, integration, and living Fully Alive.

My story did not start out well, and I had to address the marred and distorted messages I had come to believe, the wounds I had accumulated, and the empty places in my own soul. There was a lot of junk to deal with and a lot of new things to learn.

As I did that work my story lost its sting. And it even became beautiful! (If you want to hear more details, watch the replay of our Virtual Book Release Party.)

Your story can lose its sting too.

I don’t know what the next chapter of your story will be. It probably won’t look like mine. But I do know that you can become sexually whole. You can experience huge dimensions of sexual wholeness here and now, even while we all await the ultimate intimacy we will experience in eternity.

So together let’s explore God’s answer to your sexual story. The next chapter of your story that you will be empowered to write can be much better than you could ever imagine.

Your Story Matters

The above is adapted from the introduction to my new book Sexpectations: Reframing Your Good and Not-So-Good Stories About God, Love, and Relationships. And if you feel any angst in your soul as you contemplate your sexual story, you need this!

Love it or hate it, sex is a big deal – to you, and to God. Regardless of your relationship status, who you’re attracted to (or not), what has happened to you, or what you’ve done (or not done), the matters of the heart that get tapped into around sex and sexuality are a big deal.

And my new book shows you how to:

  • reinterpret your sexual story with honesty and compassion
  • find freedom from shame, compulsive behaviors, past harm, and hiding
  • redefine of the way you look at God, sex, love, and relationships
  • orient your sexuality as God intended and embrace what He has for your future
  • experience Jesus coming right into the middle of your story to bring healing and wholeness

Find out more, and get your copy today!


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