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On each episode we address tough questions about challenging relationship issues from readers and listeners just like you, and provide Biblically-based practical answers.

Five Fear-free Strategies for Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis

The war against the COVID-19 coronavirus has intensified around the world as life as we know has changed. How do you cope when fear and anxiety seems to be the norm minute by minute? In today's special podcast, Dr. Carol unpacks five strategies for you to handle the uncertainty.

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How to Break the Cycle of Overwork and Overwhelm

Does the daily whirlwind of life activities cause your greatest priorities took a back seat? If your life has become a never ending to-do list then this podcast is for you.

Joining Dr. Carol today is Chad Cannon, Chief Sales Officer of Michael Hyatt and Company to discuss ways to not let your to-do list dictate your life. 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • Check out the Full Focus Planner that Chad Cannon describes here.


Taking In Life: Part Two

If you've ever felt burnt out, emotionally drained or mentally exhausted, it can wreak havoc on your health, happiness, relationships and more.

In part two of today's episode you'll learn how to know if you're suffering from burnout and the keys to experiencing the life that Jesus desires for you.

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The Making of a Whole Woman

God has big plans for woman and He wants to use them for His purposes. But often it entails getting unstuck from behaviors, conflicts and mindsets to becoming all that God desires. 

Today, Dr. Carol is joined by Dr. Barbara Lowe, a licensed psychologist to discuss what wholeness from God's perspective entails as well as how to be part of a special event happening in March 2020. 

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The Role of Christian Faith when Facing Mental Illness

Mental illness is a highly stigmatized topic in the church. However, approximately one in four people will be challenged with a mental health issue.

On today's podcast, Dr. Carol is joined by Vicky Coffee to discuss mental health and the role of faith and Christian community in addressing this very large challenge.

Resources Mentioned: 

  • More about Vicky Coffee at the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
  • NAMI: The National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • FaithNet: faith-based resources from NAMI for leaders and individuals about mental illness


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