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Three Keys to Healthy Communication in Marriage

A recent study from the Brigham Young University and Colorado State University found that couples who talk to one another regularly can strengthen a relationship. 

More than watching television or sharing a meal, regular conversation is integral to a lasting relationship, deeper intimacy and even more sex. But how do you engage your spouse when you're in a "communication rut?"

In today's podcast, learn the keys to building more meaningful communication with your spouse in this thought provoking episode.

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Five Ways to Foster Faith in the Next Generation

In the years that Barna Research has tracked the Christian faith of Millenials and Generation Z, the numbers are quite troubling. In 2011, 59% of young Americans who grew up Christian had stopped attending their churches and those numbers are increasing.

What can be done to offset the decline of faith amongst the next generation? Mark Matlock, co-author of Faith for Exiles joins Dr. Carol to discuss the startling trends as well as the solutions in this fascinating discussion.

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Money and Marriage: Making Peace
Arguing with your spouse about money–whether a lack of it or what to do with it-is the leading cause of relationship strain or even divorce.
Is there a way to create harmony between you two when it comes to finances? Nnamdi Operanozie, stewardship pastor at Celebration Church, joins Dr. Carol to discuss how to help your marriage by getting on the same page when it comes to personal finances. 

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Mastering Your Hormones–But Were Afraid to Ask

Hormone changes, especially during menopause, can cause many women trouble. Learn the keys that will help you take charge of your hormonal health in this special episode. 

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