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His, Hers and Ours: The Do’s and Don’ts for Raising a Successful Blended ...

Building a blended family successfully is not easy. Under the most ideal circumstances it takes time–lots of it. However, it can be done well. Ron Deal joins Dr. Carol to discuss how your family can be blended and blessed in today's episode.

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Relentless Faith: What to Do When God Seems Silent

How do you hold onto faith when everything seems lost? Whether illness, death, failure or the break-up of a relationship, pain and suffering causes us to question God. But when God seems silence that pain is often magnified and we question Him. 

Michele Cushatt joins Dr. Carol to discuss her personal journey as well as how to be certain of God's presence when everything has fallen apart.

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Learn How You CAN Experience Your Breakthrough

Feeling stuck, frustrated, and wondering why God hasn’t been answering your prayers - it’s very real. But one action step can change that!

God does not magically drop breakthrough on you from "on high." He invites you to work together with Him in order to experience what He has for you.

Jesus desires you to experience the Fully Alive kind of life that He paid so much for to bring you, but it’s not magic or wishful thinking. 

In this episode, Dr Carol and Woodley Auguste talk about discovering those action steps, and invite you to an online experience to help you actually take them!

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The Truth About Anxiety, Depression and Porn

Emotional wounds are serious. With depression and anxiety affecting more than 17 million Americans, finding ways to self-medicate like watching porn aren't uncommon when we've been hurt.

On today's episode Erik Hildebrandt joins Dr. Carol to discuss his own personal journey and how to find lasting freedom. 

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God’s Financial Plan for Abundance Even During COVID-19

Are you stressing about money? Since the onset of Covid-19, millions of people have lost jobs. So what can Christians do to handle the financial stress? Ryan Mack, president of Optimum Capital Management joins us to discuss ways to manage financing God's way.

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The Mistake Wive’s Make When it Comes to Their Husband and Sex

Is intimacy a point of conflict in your relationship?

Whether newly married or wondering if divorce is the way forward, trusting God and his promises for the success of your marriage is vitality important. But how important is sex in a marriage and what does it mean to your husband?

In today's episode Dr. Carol talks specifically to wives, provides new perspective, and answers some of the toughest questions when it comes to men and sex.

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