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On each episode we address tough questions about challenging relationship issues from readers and listeners just like you, and provide Biblically-based practical answers.

Answering Your Questions About Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

Did you know that Depression affects one in ten people or over 18 million adults according to recent studies? And Anxiety disorders affect 18%, or over 40 million adults. 

Depression, anxiety and stress affects all people regardless of race, income or religious belief. In today's episode, Dr. Carol answers key questions about stress, anxiety and depression and what you can do about it. 

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Five Things to Be Grateful For During Difficult Times
What are you most thankful for? 2020 hasn't been easy, but even during the most disruptive of times, we can choose where to focus. 
In today's show, Dr. Carol shares what she's most thankful for on this special episode. 

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What It Takes to Transform a Child’s Life

Improving the lives of kids in desperate situations isn't easy–but it's possible.

Peter Lubnik, executive director of Bethany Kids, a compassionate Christian mission chronicles his experience of transforming the lives of children with surgical conditions and disabilities through pediatric surgery, rehabilitation, public education. 

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  • Connect with Peter Lublink, Executive Director of Bethany Kids on their Website or Instagram.  

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How to Master the Art of Tough Conversations At Church

When was the last time you had an honest, heartfelt, yet kind and productive conversation with someone about mental illness, substance abuse, politics, pornography, premarital sex, racism, divorce, abortion, etc. at church? Our tendency is either to avoid talking about such volatile topics at all--even with other Christians--or to go on the attack, causing rifts that do nothing to encourage further discussion or growth.

If you're tired of avoiding tough conversations, you don't want to miss this show. Author and minister, Jason Jimenez joins Dr. Carol to discuss practical ways to have those tough conversations. 

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Foolproof Keys to Changing Your Difficult Relationships

Would you like to change your most difficult relationships? Author and speaker, Karla Downing knows firsthand what's that like. For the first two decades of her relationship, things weren't easy in her marriage. But she didn't quit and applied several key principles that you can implement to deal with the dysfunction and emotional baggage that we bring into relationships.

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Five Practical Ways to Hear God’s Voice

Have you ever heard God's voice? Hearing from Him is one of the greatest benefits of the Christian life, but what do you do when the Heavens are silent and you desperately want to hear Him?

In today's episode, Dr. Carol unpacks how to hear God clearly with these five practical insights.

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