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On each episode we address tough questions about challenging relationship issues from readers and listeners just like you, and provide Biblically-based practical answers.

Do You Make These Mistakes When Facing Problems?

In this fascinating teaching, discover why your dominant thoughts lead to actions that may not get you the best results and four fool-proof ways to think like Christ.




To People Who Want to Bring God’s Kingdom–But Don’t Know Where to Start

Bringing the Kingdom of God to people and places that need it most.

Ian Green has decades of experience bringing hope to dark places around the world and seeing lives and communities transformed.

If you desire to bring the kingdom of God into your world and play a part in the miraculous, as Ian says, "you don't know how easy it can be!"

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

For more about Ian Green, visit his website http://iangreen.org/

Or to learn about the Diaper a Day project and the many other "felt need" projects the Proton Foundation is involved in; http://protonfoundation.com/projects/

Twitter: @Ian_Green

Facebook: @IanGreenCommunications

Instagram: @iangreen56


Follow These Simple Steps to Discover Your Purpose

"What is my purpose?" is one of the most pressing question asked by believers. Learn the keys to experiencing a life of fulfillment regardless of age, spiritual maturity or vocation.

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