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A “Best of” Episode: Emotional Fitness with Miles Adcox

Are you emotionally fit? For many, the thought of fitness evokes images of Fitbits, protein shakes and cardio. But just as physical fitness provides long term positive effects on the body; emotional wellness provides psychological and emotional health. 

In this "best of" episode, Dr. Carol is joined by Miles Adcox of Onsite, an internationally-known organization that delivers life-changing personal growth and wholeness for anyone seeking better mental and emotional health.

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The Sacredness of Rest: Why You Need to Stop Doing and Start Being

Are there times where you've woken up and still felt drained? Despite adequate sleep, restlessness affects millions of people and prolonged exposure to emotional, physical and psychological stressors can lead to burnout. 

Sandra Dalton-Smith,MD joins Dr. Carol to discuss seven solutions to reset during times of being overwhelmed and the impact of proper rest on creativity, decision-making and more. 

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Disconnected: Sex, Marriage and Intimacy from God’s Perspective

How's your intimacy? Is your sex life thriving? Or are you experiencing a disconnection when it comes to intimacy? Whether married or single, God's design for our sex life includes wholeness and healing.

Learn how God's design for sex, marriage, and intimacy to be connected has been disrupted, and some steps to take toward healing and integrity in this fascinating podcast. 

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Why You’re Struggling with Sexual Temptation and What to Do About It

In 2018 alone, more than 5,517,000,000 hours of porn were consumed on the world largest porn site. 

Whether married, single, male or female, pornography is impacting our culture and countless lives.

Ron DeHaas president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes joins Dr. Carol to discuss why those number have increased and what can be done if you or someone you know is struggling with sex addiction. 

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