It’s All Because of YOU!

Marriage conflict. Divorce. Addiction. Depression. Grief. Hurt.

We live in a fallen world where challenges like these happen to us all. God made you and me as integrated, whole human beings. But to become whole it takes help!

Through your tax-deductible gift, you can help change the life of someone that is struggling to imagine a life that’s different and to thrive as God intended.

Whether depression, pornography, relationship issues, etc. we can’t help others face these obstacles without your help! By making a gift today, you will help others find freedom and move forward in the life that Jesus calls us into through His love and grace

Help us help others to live Fully Alive in body, mind, and spirit.

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You Make a Difference!

What Your Gift Makes Possible:

"Before this I never really thought of God being in my life and now I want to learn a lot more about Him." — Zachary

"While on lockdown, my husband and I went through all 50 questions for couples. And wow! We could communicate for the first time. It was a breakthrough." — Nadine

"This is the best gospel I have ever heard in my life. The revelation you have shared really makes me know the truth about sex." — Sam

"I really appreciate the fact that you address topics that are often not readily addressed in church." — Jessica