Now imagine the joy you can have in helping someone else to experience that kind of transformation right where they are hurting.

At Dr. Carol Ministries we help people experience transformation in areas where they may struggle to find the help they need in church, such as troubled relationships, fear, anxiety, depression, sex and sexuality, toxic religion, and more.

Supporting Dr. Carol Ministries means someone desperate, overwhelmed, or discouraged will find the transformation Jesus longs to bring them.

Here are three ways you can help:

We need your financial support. Ask God how He might have you give financially so that we can help even more people experience the transformation they need. And making your gift recurring means you can support Dr. Carol Ministries on a monthly basis with just a couple of clicks today.

If you would prefer to give by sending a check, you can send it to the address at the bottom of this page.

Pray that God brings the people to us who we can help, and that He gives us wisdom and provision in meeting the challenges before us.

Every time you share something from Dr. Carol Ministries, you are providing someone (or many!) the opportunity to move further towards transformation.

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