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What Are We Supposed To Do About “Church”?

What Are We Supposed To Do About “Church”?

It is tragic but too often true; if you want to start a fight among Christians, just start talking about church. One says, “I’m following Jesus, but I don’t do church.” Another says, “My church is right, and yours is wrong.” Yet another says, “I pick and choose – church when I feel like it, not when I don’t.” What are we supposed to do about church anyway?

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How to Get on the Same Page with your Spouse

How to Get on the Same Page with your Spouse

Two people sliding into marriage don’t naturally “fall into” being aligned. Their expectations are different, their goals are different, their habits are different. Even when both partners are Christian believers and totally “in love”, their experience with God and understanding of Him is different. Over time they’re “supposed” to get on the same page. But how do you do that?

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Raising Children In a Challenging Environment

Pastor Mel and Diane Stauber, missions and outreach pastors of  Celebration Church join Dr. Carol to highlight their experiences of raising children in Mozambique and the benefits of obeying God as a family despite the challenge.

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Making a Difference for Troubled Teens

You know that kid who is always getting into trouble – serious trouble? Is there any real hope for him/her? 

Judge Edna Staudt thinks so. She joins Dr Carol on this episode to talk about the mentoring program she has developed that helps to turn kids’ lives around. 

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Emotional Fitness: What It Is and How to Get it

Are you emotionally fit? For many, the thought of fitness evokes images of Fitbits, protein shakes and cardio. But just as physical fitness provides long term positive effects on the body, emotional fitness is important for psychological and emotional health. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Carol is joined by Miles Adcox of Onsite, an internationally-known organization that delivers life-changing personal growth and wholeness for anyone seeking better mental and emotional health.

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How to Get Through When It All Falls Apart

The consequences of loss are far reaching. But how do you cope with grief while serving in full-time ministry? In today’s episode, worship leader and recording artist, Matt Perkins and his wife Kari discuss recovery from the loss of a loved one, finding love again, and how to move forward.  

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Your life's experience, work, and ministry is really blessing my life. Thank you Dr. Carol - from one ministered soul to you a mouthpiece of God's Word. Whew! So I just shed a few more tears while writing this.


Your videos and articles helped me greatly. I had decided that that if by a certain time my husband and I were not making progress, I was leaving. But then my husband and I talked!!! We have a long way to go, but with God we will succeed. Thank you Lord, and thank you Dr Carol."


We faced this hurdle where we needed help. Dr Carol listened, and when she gave advice it felt like it was without judgement and made us both see the issue in a new perspective. Now our marriage is stronger than ever.

Brian & Suzi



Hello, my name is Dr. Carol Tanksley

I’m an OB-Gyn physician, Doctor of Ministry, author, and speaker. And I’m so happy you’ve joined me on this journey to live Fully Alive!

I’ve practiced medicine for 25 years (in Texas since 2005), and am board certified in Obstetrics-Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology. I currently practice part-time, providing short-term relief for other OB-Gyn physicians and hospitals. This provides the flexibility for me to do more of the ministry work I love.

While continuing to practice medicine, I also obtained an M.Div. (Master of Divinity), and then a D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) from Oral Roberts University, focusing on Christian leadership. My husband Al and I together produced a regular radio program “The Dr Carol Show” from 2009 until not long before his death in 2016.

Speaking, writing, and connecting with people both here and around the world lets me help men, women, and couples live more Fully Alive and experience the good health, loving relationships, and joyful spirituality that Jesus came to bring us.

I live in Austin, Texas, where I get to enjoy being Grandma Carol to four wonderful grandchildren.