Christmas is a time for family. If you’re married that starts with your spouse. Whether your marriage has been happy or troubled this year, you can nurture special marriage moments to celebrate what’s good and make this Christmas a time of connection and good memories.

And that can have wonderful repercussions all year!

Christmas is a time of giving, and that’s never more true than in your marriage. These marriage moments require that you come with a giving mindset rather than wondering what you might get. What is God inviting you to give to your marriage? (This also assumes you are both people of good will. A deeply toxic marriage is not likely to helped by this.)

The holiday season can be very busy. It’s so important to not neglect your relationship in the middle of the rush. So here are a few somewhat creative ideas that can suggest special marriage moments to celebrate this Christmas. And these are all free or almost free.

  1. Put Up Decorations Together

Decorating the tree together can be a special memory. It was one of the Christmas moments most special to my husband. Making your home beautiful has its own value, and can symbolize continuing to work on making life and your relationship beautiful together in every way that is possible. It’s not how elaborate the decorations are; it’s making things beautiful together. And if putting up decorations is important to your spouse but you don’t really care, do it  just because it’s important to them.

  1. Take a Walk Under the Stars

The nights come early this time of year (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), and there’s something about the winter sky that’s often brilliant and captivating. If you can, get away from city lights on a night without clouds, dress warm, and find a country road or path where you can walk hand-in-hand. In the chill you might even find yourself cuddling together.

  1. Go Out for Coffee or Tea

If you don’t have small kids, Sunday morning before church might be a great time to do this. Or be creative about some other time to break away together. This is not your typical “date night;” it’s a short different memory-making opportunity. A couple friends of mine put on jackets and hats and enjoyed tea on the sidewalk outside a quaint little shop even though the weather was really cold. The point is making the moment special together.

  1. Take a Drive Somewhere Different or Beautiful

This might be driving through an outdoor nativity presentation some churches present, or through a neighborhood with some lovely Christmas lights, or out in the country or mountains to view the countryside, or the snow, or a state park. Play some Christmas music as you drive. And you might find yourself wanting to stop somewhere, kiss, and be teenagers again.

  1. Have Breakfast in Bed

A weekend morning, or some morning you don’t have to go to work, make your bedroom or den into its own special café. Whether or not you actually eat in bed, the point is to create a unique moment of togetherness. You might light candles. Use a tablecloth or special tray. It might be your favorite breakfast ever.

  1. Movie and Popcorn Night

Choose a feel-good Christmas movie, put on your pajamas, order food delivery if you wish, make popcorn and your favorite winter beverage, and make it a movie night in your own living room (or bedroom). I could tell you what movie I’d choose, but that might stop your imagination and spoil your fun.

  1. Wrap Yourself as a Christmas Package

Something new that your spouse discovers you wearing as you invite them to take off your clothes. You wrapped in Christmas paper, with bows and ribbons in strategic places. Whipped cream also works well. OK, I’ll leave it to your imagination how much “wrapping” you use. And remember, as with all Christmas packages it’s what’s inside the wrapping that counts!

  1. Volunteer Together

Many couples I know find their most memorable memories to be times they volunteer together – at a homeless shelter, an animal shelter, a church food box distribution effort, etc. In my city on Christmas Eve there’s an opportunity to pick up a food box and deliver it to a needy family, and families line up early to get a box to deliver before they run out. There are always opportunities to volunteer this time of year.

  1. Attend a Christmas Concert or Event

Make the Christmas service at your church, or a community Christmas concert, a special event for the two of you. You might dress up, and go out for dinner or coffee before or after the event. Use this as a time to talk about what you want for your marriage this Christmas and in the coming year.

  1. Invite Christ to be Born Anew in Your Marriage

The very first Christmas made it possible to have hope for good things both here and eternally regardless of the difficulties. Plan a time of special prayer together just the two of you, perhaps on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Invite the Christ-child to be born anew in your hearts and in your marriage. Let Him breathe new life into the places your relationship most needs Him to show up.

Make a memory or two with your spouse this Christmas season. The special marriage moments you nurture will be something you won’t regret.

Your Turn: What special marriage moments to celebrate are you going to plan for you and your spouse this Christmas season? Leave a comment below.

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  • It’s easy to neglect nurturing your relationship in the busyness of the holidays. Here are ten special marriage moments to celebrate; choose one or more to have with your spouse this Christmas. Tweet that.

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