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4 Keys to Re-Connecting with your Spouse

Are you tired of living more as roommates instead of as loving husband and wife? You CAN connect again! Learn more about the 4 Facets of Intimacy, and how you can overcome the obstacles in each area to connect with your spouse in the deepest way possible.

Fight FOR Your Marriage – Successfully

Your marriage is under attack! And the enemy of your marriage is not your spouse. Learn how to identify the REAL enemy of your marriage, and what it takes to defeat him. Join with your spouse in fighting for the marriage God wants for you.

New Year, New Marriage

Written as a letter to Dear Wife at the beginning of the year, the messages here are applicable any time and for both spouses. Learn how to identify the destructive patterns in your relationship and take the steps to move forward into the New Marriage God has for you.

Freedom From Pornography

In modern culture pornography is an extremely common marriage destroyer. If you are struggling to break free from pornography and want to keep this thief from damaging your marriage, this Guide will help you understand the important steps toward freedom.

What is Your Communication Style?

Your way of communicating with your spouse is a product of many things. Your communication style has both strengths and challenges. Knowing your communication style will help take your communication to the next level.

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Additional Resources

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To the Wife Traumatized by Married Sex

Just because sex happens within marriage doesn’t always mean it’s good. God designed sex to be a beautiful life-giving nurturing experience between husband and wife.…

When Your Spouse Has Sexual Baggage

It’s a rare person, if anyone, who comes to marriage without sexual “stuff.” You did. And so did your spouse. Last time we talked about…
Couple Sitting Together

The Four Facets of Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in marriage. Men often spell it S-E-X. Women frequently spell it T-A-L-K. It’s something married couples usually take for granted at the beginning of…
Senior Couple in Love

Enjoying Sex After Menopause

Some men complain their wives lose interest in intimacy around the time of menopause. Some women complain they can’t enjoy sex the way they used…
submission in Christian marriage

Submission in Christian Marriage

Hear the words “submission” and “marriage” in the same sentence and you may feel something visceral rise up in your soul. You might respond, “My…
Woman's face

When Your Marriage Fails Anyway

Sometimes all you’ve got is not enough. Sometimes even God can’t fix it. Sometimes all your tears and work and prayers and love fall flat…
Unhappy man

If Your Wife Does Not Respect You

Men thrive on respect. It’s right there at the top of a man’s emotional needs. If your wife does not respect you, you probably feels…
Marriage is hard! Couple reading Scripture together.

Why Marriage Is So Hard

Sometime after the preacher pronounces you man and wife the unwelcome truth hits you; marriage is hard! That realization may come within hours or it…
Lonely Spouse

When Your Spouse is Not a Christian

You cry. You pray. You wonder how long you can hold on. Guilt and loneliness may seem your constant companions. You look at other Christian…
Husband and wife talking. Translations aids between men and women.

Translation Aids for Man-Speak and Woman-Speak

Perhaps Rosetta Stone, the language learning/translation software, should develop a program to provide translation aids between men and women. Listening to some husbands and wives…