Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare


Discover the tools to break free and experience true freedom!



Discover the Source of your Fear and Anxiety, and Break Their Hold!

Many believers will acknowledge that as Christians, we are not immune to the evil in the world – and that includes stress and the fear and anxiety we often experience as a result. But it is not God’s plan for you to remain in bondage to them!

God wants to set you free from everything the enemy brings against you so that you can fulfill His purpose for your life. He has created you for big things!

Discover the tools you need to experience the freedom God has for you!

In this book you will learn to:

  • Understand the underlying source of your fear and anxiety
  • Experience improved psychological well-being
  • Engage in spiritual warfare practices that will break the enemy’s hold on you
  • Much more!

Copyright: Dr Carol Peters-Tanksley, 2017, Charisma House Publishers

Table of Contents

Part I: The Problem of Fear and Anxiety

  1. What’s Wong with Me?
  2. Physical Causes of Fear and Anxiety
  3. Difficult Circumstances Causing Fear and Anxiety
  4. The Roll of Your Mind
  5. The Roll of Lifestyle
  6. The Spiritual Roots of Fear and Anxiety       
Part II: What the Bible Says
  1. Be Anxious for Nothing
  2. Be Not Afraid
  3. How Jesus Dealt with Evil

Part III: Strategies of Spiritual Warfare to Defeat Fear and Anxiety

  1. Strategy One: Guard Your Heart
  2. Strategy Two: Stay Connected
  3. Strategy Three: Use Your Words
  4. Strategy Four: No Fear Here
  5. Strategy Five: Entering Into Worship
  6. Strategy Six: Walking in Victory

What Others Are Saying

Having received the highest level of professional education in both medicine and ministry, Carol Peters-Tanksley is rightfully a physician of the body and soul. Her knowledge of the Bible and medical science refracted through the prism of her extended experience as a medical doctor and minister is reflected in these pages in a most helpful way. Her goal is to minister healing and wholeness to individuals who deal in one way or another with anxiety and fear. There is biblical wisdom, spiritual insights, and practical advice in this volume. Written in simple and straight forward language and avoiding unnecessary clinical and theological vocabulary, this book will offer insights, illumination and spiritual direction to both casual and sophisticated readers. I am happy to recommend it highly to anyone desiring healing and wholeness and a life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

– Thomson K. Mathew, DMin, EdD., Professor of Pastoral Care and Dean, College of Theology and Ministry, Oral Roberts University

I am pleased to endorse Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley’s latest book Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare. Dr. Peters-Tanksley provides sound mental health and spiritual advice concerning one of the most common mental health and spiritual challenges evidenced today: anxiety. Her description of the many aspects of life that contribute to fear and anxiety is clear and easily understood. The suggestions she makes regarding ways to overcome anxiety are clearly in-line with principles of good mental health. Most importantly, her approaches to overcoming the spiritual aspects of anxiety are sound and are biblically based. She describes spiritual warfare and the processes involved in overcoming the “slings and arrows” of life in language that confirms the love of God, the grace of Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit as available to everyone who is in distress. Dr. Tanksley truly believes, as do I, that God does not desire any of God’s children to be bound by fear or anxiety.

– Edward E. Decker, Jr. PhD, Retired Professor and Chair of Christian Counseling, Oral Roberts University Graduate School of Theology and Ministry

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Carol Tanksley is one of the most valuable and well-written resources on mental health, fear, and anxiety that I have come across. I recommend this book for pastors, educators, mental health workers, those in the helping professions, and anyone who has struggled with fear or anxiety. As someone who has faced sexual abuse, chronic illness, long-term caregiving, and other stress-related issues, I found Dr. Tanksley’s approach to be refreshingly insightful, comprehensive, and compassionate while remaining biblically and medically sound.

– Shelly Beach, co-founder of PTSD Perspectives and award-winning author of The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk

Speaking from her unique vantage point of theological and clinical integration, Dr. Carol addresses the important, yet controversial, topic of spiritual warfare with sensitivity and insight. Her realistic perspective and holistic approach lend themselves to a fresh and helpful understanding of the interaction between human experience and spiritual forces. I especially value the manner in which Dr. Carol dispels magical notions of spiritual warfare by emphasizing the practical strategies by which God works by His Spirit within the human heart. I heartily recommend this book for anyone seeking to effectively address experiences of fear and anxiety.

– Bill Buker, DMin, PhD, LPC, Professor of Counseling, Oral Roberts University Graduate School of Theology and Missions

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