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Can you stay physically connected and enjoy intimacy when sex becomes truly physically impossible?

Intimacy between husband and wife is comprised of at least 4 facets. Sex – intercourse – is important. Really important. But it’s not the only – or even the foundational – aspect of intimacy.

I believe that God expects BOTH a husband and a wife to do what is in their power to do in order to meet their spouse’s sexual needs. That includes working through the emotional baggage many carry, and investing in medical help when physical problems interfere. And it includes an absolute commitment to sexual exclusivity.

But there are times when physical intercourse truly becomes impossible because of illness or other conditions. But here’s the thing:

The end of intercourse does not have to mean the end of intimacy!

You can stay connected – physically – with your spouse even in those difficult circumstances.

I regularly get questions from both husbands and wives who are struggling with some aspect of intimacy. I answer two of them in this week’s video. A wife is feeling lonely because her husband cannot perform sexually. A husband is feeling sad and frustrated because he and his wife had to stop having sex because it became too painful for her.

In this video I offer some specific suggestions on how to maintain physical intimacy even if sex becomes impossible or difficult. Sometimes relatively simple measures can restore your ability to engage in and enjoy sex. But even if not, you can stay connected!

Watch the video here.

I don’t know if you and your spouse will be able to experience pleasurable intercourse again. But I DO know these things:

  • It won’t get better by doing nothing! Taking action just might allow you to experience an amazing result.
  • You CAN experience enjoyable physical intimacy even if intercourse becomes impossible. It’s worth it to not give up.

If this has touched a difficult topic for you, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Your Turn: What are you going to do this week to reach out to your spouse with physical affection? Leave a comment below.

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