Small changes in direction may make a huge difference in your destination. You know that. But it’s easy to fall into a routine and end up some place you would rather not be.

So many areas in life follow this principle. Here are some areas where small actions now may make a huge difference down the road:

  1. Invest a dollar a day in a savings account
  2. Read a few pages a day in a new area of interest
  3. Say “I love you” to your spouse every morning and evening
  4. Turn off the TV for one evening every week and talk together
  5. Walk 15 minutes at lunch time every day
  6. Plant a tree every year
  7. Read 5 verses of Scripture first thing every morning
  8. Say “I’m sorry” before a relationship wound begins to fester
  9. Get regular maintenance on your vehicle
  10. Show up to work on time
  11. Donate lightly-used clothing to charity
  12. Balance your electronic checkbook regularly
  13. Schedule a regular date night with your spouse
  14. Read Bible stories to your children
  15. Clean out your refrigerator, and your garage
  16. Change from processed food to more natural foods
  17. Make a written list of goals every year
  18. Finish what you said you would do
  19. Get to know your neighbors
  20. Meet with a few friends each month who hold you accountable
  21. Learn to manage stress better
  22. Schedule a personal time each week with your child
  23. Pray together daily with your spouse
  24. Practice positive thought habits
  25. Do one thing nice for someone else every day

Some of these things you may be doing already. Others items you may want to incorporate as new habits.

Look at your daily routine. Paying attention to the small things now will make a difference in your future.

Your turn: What are some small things you do regularly that you hope will pay off in the future? What changes in your daily routine would you like to make? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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