Speaking and Listening

Last week we invited you to tell us a little about yourself, about your opinions around Dr Carol Ministries, and how we can be most helpful to you going forward. SO MANY of you responded! Thank you!!

The brief survey is still open; we’ll leave it open for another week or so. If you haven’t responded already, you can do so right now!

I’ll take the brief survey now.

You spoke, and we listened. I have read every single comment, every single response. Please know that all responses are anonymous; I can’t tie any individual response to your email address or name. But your comments said so much to me! Our team will be meeting in the next few weeks to use what you wrote in planning what we can do to help you even better going forward.

From your initial responses, I noticed a few things that I’d like to share with you right now.

  1. You have a choice in hearing from us.

Some of you wanted email messages more frequently, some less frequently. You have a choice!

If you would like to begin getting regular resources by email for the first time, click here to begin.

If you want ONLY a monthly roundup of messages, articles, or other resources from Dr Carol Ministries, click here . You’ll get one email/month. (You may still get the very occasional special offer.)

If you want emails daily, consider our 40 Days to Freedom from Fear and Anxiety devotional series if you haven’t gone through it already. (We’ll work on some other daily series in the near future.)

And if you have other comments on this issue, please just leave me a message.

  1. You can listen to Dr Carol audio any time.

Some of you mentioned that you’d like to hear audio from Dr Carol. But only a few of you have listened to our Relationship Prescriptions podcast. We publish episodes twice each week. Even if relationships is not your current challenge, check out the list of episodes. We talk about other topics too!

And here are two great ways to listen:

  1. On our website (the last few episodes)
  2. In iTunes or Google Play.

We’re also working actively on some video options, so stay tuned.

  1. One-on-one coaching is available.

Several of you indicated you would love some one-on-one with Dr Carol. That’s wonderful news; I love connecting one-on-one with you too!

I do offer some individual and couple coaching, usually by phone. If that’s something you’d like to explore, leave me a message and let me know a phone number and time when I might reach you. The initial 15-20 minute call is free. You can tell me about your most pressing problems, and talk about what working together further might look like. (Unfortunately I can only offer phone coaching to those in the US and Canada at the present time.)

  1. Relationship issues aren’t for everyone.

While most of you who answered the survey are married, a significant number of you are not. I do my best to make our Thursday article something that will be applicable to you regardless of what your relationship status may be.

Or perhaps you DO want resources on healthy relationships, and didn’t know that was something we offer. Just CLICK HERE and we’ll include you.

  1. You can Search our website.

Some of you mentioned you would like to be able to search for past articles or other material that would address your needs. You can!

At the top of every page or articles on our website is a SEARCH box; simply type in a word or phrase, and you’ll find the most relevant resources right away.

If you have other questions about any of these points, feel free to leave me a message.

I hope these initial comments about what you told us are helpful. Know that I’m always happy to hear from you; you don’t have to wait for a survey! And know that we will be taking your heartfelt comments seriously, and using them in the weeks to come as we prepare some new resources addressing the needs and challenges you expressed.

Stay tuned!

Blessings to you in Christ,

Dr Carol Signature

P.S. Remember, if you haven’t responded to our Reader Survey yet, you can still do so right here.