You Don’t Need This if You’re Comfortable with Change

You can ignore the rest of this post if:

  • Changes internally or externally don’t bother or disturb you at all
  • You’ve got satisfactory answers to all your questions about midlife
  • Hormone changes are a non-issue for you (or your wife)
  • You never feel crazy, frustrated, or anxious about changes you’re experiencing
  • You’re not stressed about getting older
  • You look forward to this next season of your life with unmitigated joy
  • You have all the deep personal connections you need in managing your midlife transitions
  • God’s purpose for you now and in the future is clear and compelling to you

But if that’s not you, you need this!

Midlife and menopause happen to every single woman. And that means you (or your wife). You’ve already experienced those hormone changes, are experiencing them right now, or soon will. I’ve been there; as a member of the over-60 club I’ve had to deal with those changes.

And as an OB-Gyn physician, ordained Doctor of Ministry, and personal coach I’ve helped thousands of other women navigate this sometimes-frustrating midlife season as well.

And from both my professional and personal experience I know two things:

  • The multiple changes during your midlife season are challenging
  • There are many things you can do to navigate those changes well

And that’s why I’ve created the Navigating Midlife course.

In the Navigating Midlife course you will no longer be the passenger letting midlife drive you crazy. You’ll learn how to take the wheel and become the navigator of your life. Navigating Midlife draws from contemporary medical research and from scripture, not random Google searches. And you’ll also discover a group of sisters who will validate what you’re experiencing, and who you can laugh and perhaps cry with as you take proactive steps in all areas of your life.

In this course you will:

  • Understand what menopause is and how it affects every part of your body
  • Dispel the myth that your mind and emotions are at the mercy of your hormones
  • Change your view of aging and take action to not only look younger but slow down the aging process
  • Learn how to address the changes in your sex life in a healthy way
  • Get connected to other women experiencing midlife transitions
  • Take positive action steps in navigating this season so you can truly live Fully Alive
  • Embrace your next season of life with anticipation, courage, and joy
  • Experience vibrancy in your relationship with God in new and unique ways
  • Discover meaning and inspiration in understanding your life purpose for the coming years

Navigating Midlife is designed to help you deal with the whole-person experience of your midlife season. This no holds barred e-course addresses it all: physical challenges, sex, mental/emotional wellbeing, external pressures, God’s plan for you, and more.

Menopause is not the end of your life. And you’re not alone! You don’t have to let midlife and menopause happen to you. Come join us in the Navigating Midlife online course, and learn steps that will make this coming season of your life the most fruitful of all.

And if you register for this course now, I’ll personally walk through this with you. For five weeks, you’ll experience a spiritual mentoring/coaching LIVE video session with me that will help you get your questions answered, actually do the work, and feel empowered in navigating your midlife journey.

And if you know, love, or are married to a woman experiencing these challenges, forward this to her. This will help her!

If you want to become the navigator of your midlife season, get the Navigating Midlife course today!

And I’ll see you October 5 for our first LIVE session together.


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