Why does it often seem so hard? The stuff you want to be different in your life – why doesn’t it ever seem to change? You feel stuck, frustrated, tempted to feel hopeless. Why do your prayers for God to fix things never seem to “work?” Will you ever be able to experience your breakthrough?

As M. Scott Peck famously wrote, “Life is difficult.” Jesus even promised His followers that they would have trouble. (See John 16:33) If you’re old enough to read this, you’ve experienced “stuff.” Some of it has happened to you, and perhaps some of it you’ve done to yourself.

Old trauma that seems difficult to move beyond. Grief and loss. Habits, addictions, sins, that won’t let go. Anxiety, depression, fear, a chronically troubled mind. Relationships that never seem to “work.” (Is it you, or is it them??) A marriage that seems impossible. Health or lifestyle problems. Swimming through mud in trying to find your purpose. Or any of a thousand other things.

You need breakthrough!

And you’re not experiencing it.

Are you doomed to be forever stuck? What can you do about it?

My Breakthrough

I know what that’s like. Years ago my then-chronic unhappiness spiraled further downward into severe distress, life-threatening distress. I knew God had the answer, but I wasn’t finding it. I prayed and prayed, seemingly to no avail.

But that was then; this is now. As God brought me out of that period I learned some priceless and powerful lessons that have continued to be part of my daily life. I have never again landed in that severe distress even when I’ve faced seriously troubling circumstances. I experienced real breakthrough.

And that breakthrough has lasted for over 20 years.

I want to help you experience the same!

I’ve written about some of those lessons from time-to-time in these messages. But I’ve never before gathered them all together in one place, or built a way for you to actually experience breakthrough for yourself.

That’s what our brand new Powerful Breakthrough Prayers online digital course is all about.

Powerful prayers are not only for other “special” people; they are for you too! 

You don’t need magical formulas; you need practical strategies that you can apply to any problem you face. Through these strategies you can experience a life of meaning, power, joy, and breakthrough that lasts. 

In this course you will: 

  • Learn Biblical characteristics of effective prayer, supported by science
  • Find your faith strengthened and your experience with God deepened
  • Understand what will short-circuit your breakthrough 
  • Know what spiritual warfare IS and ISN’T
  • See how Jesus dealt with evil
  • Discover the warning signs that you are under spiritual attack
  • Understand questions to ask that God answers
  • Practice powerful keys to breakthrough prayers
  • Maintain your breakthrough through specific daily practices

Experience Your Breakthrough

Whatever problem(s) you need a breakthrough for, it’s not hopeless. There is no magic here, just Biblical and scientifically-supported practical strategies that work!

And the best news of all is that you can experience breakthrough for yourself regardless of what happens in the circumstances around you.

This Powerful Breakthrough Prayers Course is not just a bunch of information. It includes Bible study, but it’s more than that. It’s an actual experience that will make your breakthrough possible. If you go through this course you will not only learn things, but you will do things that will move you toward your breakthrough like they did for me.

And if you register for this course now, I’ll personally walk through this with you. Weekly for six weeks you’ll experience a spiritual mentoring/coaching LIVE video session with me that will help you actually do the work and experience your breakthrough.

Why wait any longer? Sign up for the Powerful Breakthrough Prayers Course now.

And I’ll see you next week for our first LIVE video session.

You Can experience breakthrough!


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