You’d love to feel fully alive. Really! You would!

But something isn’t working. And you’re not sure what to do next.

Perhaps the voice in your head sounds something like this:

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. But then I get overwhelmed when I try to figure out what to do next.”

“Menopause (or PMS or infertility) is seriously messing up my life. I don’t know how to make things better.”

“The intimacy level in my marriage is not going well. If something doesn’t change right away our relationship is going to be in serious trouble.”

“I’ve prayed for God to help me, but I’m as discouraged as ever. I can’t seem to get rid of the stuff that’s weighing me down.”

If you’ve felt that way about some area of your life, you’re not alone.

I want to help you take charge of your health in every area of your life, so that you can feel better, and accomplish your purpose!

I can help you find your way through the confusion, or the pain, or the overwhelm, and discover the meaning, joy, and wholeness you may have almost given up hope of knowing.

As an OB-Gyn physician, ordained Christian minister, speaker, and radio personality, I’ve helped thousands of women, men, and couples:

  • understand their illness (physical, emotional, or spiritual)
  • make use of and choose appropriate professional and treatment resources
  • take charge of their health and lifestyle in the areas they needed to
  • find improved intimacy in marriage physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • plan the next steps to take in their journey to wholeness
  • realize God’s intervention at every point in the process

If you would like to experience the journey from where you are now to a life of meaning and wholeness, I would love to work with you.

To find out more about whether this is right for you, I’d love talk with you. Right now, CONTACT ME to schedule your FREE 20-minute phone call.


Coaching Packages

Here are some typical ways that people can work with me.

Healthy Makeover

In this single session in person, by phone, or by Skype (up to 90 minutes), we will:

  • Review a copy your medical records (if you wish)*
  • Review your Lifestyle Checkup focusing on physical, mental, relational, and spiritual health
  • Objectively Assess your current health in all of these areas
  • Identify any roadblocks you have to improved wellbeing
  • Formulate a clear plan for you to take charge of your health and wellbeing

You’ll also receive a copy of my Live Healthy, Live Whole book (your choice of paperback or eBook)

Investment: $295


PREMIUM Find Clarity and Thrive Plan

Five sessions in person, by phone, or by Skype (up to 60 minutes each)

Sessions will need to be completed within 9 weeks of our first time together. The content will be individualized to your specific needs. See the FAQ below for a sample of potential content for each session.

During these sessions we will:

  • Review of your medical records (if you wish)*
  • Review your Lifestyle Checkup focusing on physical, mental, relational, and spiritual health
  • Objectively assess your current health in all of these areas
  • Identify any roadblocks you have to improved wellbeing
  • Formulate a clear plan for you to take charge of your health and wellbeing
  • Coach you through specific steps to improve your physical health, emotional health, relationship health, and spiritual health
  • Evaluate how each individual action step works in YOUR life, and make adjustments along the way

This plan also includes:

  • A copy of my Live Healthy, Live Whole book (your choice of paperback or eBook)
  • Email support for 90 days (response within 24 hours to your email)

Investment: $995


*If you desire this service, you must provide copies of your medical records at your expense. I will provide a medical release form for you to give to your doctor. If you request your records to be forwarded directly to me, some physicians will do so at no charge to you. Or you may request a copy for yourself and then forward to me; you are more likely to have to pay for that service.


A-la-cart Services

I’m happy to provide personalized services based on your desires and needs, and what you see as your biggest challenges in living happy, healthy, and wise.

Let me help you create an individualized plan to overcome the roadblocks to your wellbeing. The issues I can help you with include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-menstrual syndrome (and its effect on your relationships)
  • Menopause (and its effect on your relationships)
  • Poly-cystic ovary syndrome
  • Sexually-transmitted diseases (and their effect on your relationships)
  • Abortion (making the decision for or against, or regret following an abortion)
  • Sexuality as a single person
  • Unsatisfying sexual intimacy with your spouse
  • Infertility (medical treatments, and the challenges to your emotions and marriage)
  • Shame or guilt about sexuality or other issues
  • Depression, anxiety, or related problems


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:           What types of problems can you address if I work with you?

A:            Whatever is keeping you from living well and thriving! Some typical problems I address include diet/exercise/lifestyle challenges, women’s health issues, negative thinking, getting rid of baggage from the past, living with singleness, relationship problems, improving your marriage, sexuality, and roadblocks to spiritual growth.


Q:           Shouldn’t I focus on just one thing at a time?

A:            Yes and no. Taking a comprehensive look at what is keeping you from thriving will allow a better understanding of what you need to do in order to live well. It may be different from what you would first think. We’ll examine the connections between the different areas of your life to identify where your efforts can be most effective.


Q:           Do I need to travel to your location in order to work with you?

A:            No. I’m happy to connect with you via phone or Skype if you don’t live in the central Texas area. Most of the people I work with schedule phone appointments with me.


Q:           You’re a doctor. Can you bill my medical insurance for this coaching?

A:            I don’t contract with medical insurance companies. However, if our work together includes medically-related evaluation and treatment I am happy to provide a statement that you may present to your medical insurance provider for partial reimbursement. Whether or not you receive any reimbursement is at the discretion of your insurance company. Also, in order to provide such a statement I must meet with you in person for at least the first session. To qualify as “medical treatment,” your first visit will need to include a brief physical examination.


Q:           What kind of results can I expect?

A:            I can promise that you will have a clear plan to improve your wellbeing as a result of our work together. How much benefit you receive will depend to a large degree on how you implement the “prescriptions” we discuss during our time together.


Q:           What if I’m unsatisfied?

A:            Customer service is important to me. If you believe you’re not receiving more than your money’s worth, I’ll be happy to refund your money. If you paid for a coaching package involving multiple sessions, your request for a refund needs to be made before half of our sessions together are completed.


Q:           What is your rescheduling policy?

A:            If you are unable to keep a scheduled in-person or phone appointment, just let me know 24 hours in advance and we’ll reschedule. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, rescheduling will be based on consideration of your individual circumstances that made the cancelation necessary. If I need to cancel a scheduled appointment for any reason, I will reschedule at a time convenient for you.


Q:           Is this for women only?

A:            Not at all. I’m happy to work with men, women, or couples.


Q:           Do I have to share your faith to work with you?

A:            Not at all. I promise to respect your faith in whatever form that takes. I do take my Christian faith seriously, and I’m eager to discuss faith-related issues with you if you’re interested. If you’re part of a community of faith and/or believe in prayer, we’ll include those aspects in our conversations. Scientific research demonstrates that people generally have better outcomes when spirituality is included in any therapy or change process.


Q:           Do you offer anything special for ministry professionals?

A:            Yes, I especially enjoy serving ministry professionals. I understand the unique confidentiality needs of ministry professionals from my personal experience. If you’re a pastor or other ministry professional, or the spouse of a ministry professional, I’d love to talk with you about your specific situation. And don’t let finances be a roadblock: if money is tight for you, let’s talk about how we can work together so you can get the help you need.


Q:           How can I find out if this coaching is right for me?

A:            Let’s talk! I invite you to contact me at 1-888-537-2276, and I’ll return your call usually within 1 business day. Or I may be able to respond even faster if you email me at I’ll be glad to schedule a FREE NO-OBLIGATION 20-minute phone conversation to answer your questions, and help you decide if working together is right for you.


Q:           If I choose the Premium Plan, what can I expect during the 5 sessions?

A:           I’ll tailor your plan to your specific needs, based on our initial 20-minute phone conversation and what you want to accomplish most. But here’s what a typical 5-session program might look like:

  • Session 1: Prescription Plan
    • Review of Lifestyle Checkup focusing on physical, mental, relational, and spiritual health
    • Assessment of current health in all these areas
    • Identification of roadblocks to improved wellbeing
    • Helping you create your own initial “prescription plan” for improved wellbeing
  • Session 2: Medical/Physical
    • Review of the prescription plan, and any results experienced after session 1
    • Evaluation of lifestyle in the areas of rest, diet, exercise, any substance abuse, etc.
    • Consideration of supplements, dietary changes, and other lifestyle improvements
    • Health history, medication, and healthcare review
    • Personalized plan for any medical care needed
  • Session 3: Mental/Emotional
    • Review of the prescription plan, and any results experienced after session 2
    • Evaluation of family and personal history in the area of thinking and mental health
    • Identifying both healthy and unhealthy thought processes, mental messages, and emotional patterns
    • Personalized plan for improving mental/emotional health (may include lifestyle changes, media habits, personal relationships, spiritual practices, etc.)
  • Session 4: Relational/Spiritual
    • Review of the prescription plan, and any results experienced after session 3
    • Evaluation of personal relationships including spouse (if married), dating partner (if single), children, extended family, friends, coworkers, etc.
    • Identifying both healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns
    • Assessment of spiritual health including spiritual history, view of God, current spiritual practices, guilt/shame/fear issues, etc.
    • Personalized plan for improving relationships with both God and people
  • Session 5: Long-term Prescription Plan
    • Review of the prescription plan, and any results experienced after session 4
    • Evaluation of the physical, mental/emotional, relational, and spiritual health status identified in previous sessions
    • Evaluating the interaction of health factors in all these areas
    • Creation of a long-term prescription plan to continually preserve and improve total-person health