Women’s Health and Shame

Women’s Health and Shame

Women’s health topics bring up such strong emotions – “for” and “against” and everything in-between. By listening to some people you’d think the most important issues in life, in our culture, in our world, were contraception, abortion, and female sexuality.

OK, so these are important topics. But why do they stir up such strong feelings? Are these issues really as important as the “noise” would have us believe? As important as they are, there must be some deeper issues at play. It’s got to be about more than the simple “medical facts” these issues involve. What is that something deeper?

Why are Women’s Health Topics such a Big Deal?

I answer that here:

In this 3-minute video I talk about why women’s health topics resonate in us as deeply and loudly as they do. It has a lot to do with who we really are as women, the assaults we’ve experienced, and what God wants to do in and for us. Women’s health and shame too often go together, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

This is an excerpt from a longer program I did with my friend Kristi Lemley of Living in the Light TV. We talked about women’s health, the brokenness so many women feel around these issues, the role of shame, and what kind of healing God wants to bring. I share a few stories of specific women I’ve worked with who have faced big struggles here.

Women’s health doesn’t have to mean shame and pain. It can mean healing and freedom!  Tweet that.

You can also see the full program on their website. Just look for the program from July 24th.

Do you need help here?

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with shame or pain in some area related to women’s health. Perhaps STDs, abortion, broken sexual relationships, or some other such issue has left you beaten down and miserable. You’re not sure there’s anything good in your future.

If that’s you, leave a comment below or send me a confidential message. God wants to bring you healing!

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In addition, you can find more about all this in my book Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. Among other topics, I talk about:

  • What a healthy woman is really all aboutDr Carol's Guide to Women's Health
  • How to know what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to reproductive health
  • Warning signs and preventive steps you can take to stay healthy
  • Maximizing satisfying connection and intimacy in your marriage
  • A whole lot more

Check out more about Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health.

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4 Responses to Women’s Health and Shame

  • Agonizing for the approval of my husband, begging and pleading for his kindness, dressing and behaving to be beautiful for him and giving myself to him for his pleasure was the only way I knew to behave as a wife. Shocking to look back now, remembering how sick I would get and the doctors and counsellors I went to for help, where I was shamed, especially by preachers, when they dumped their ignorance and baggage into my broken life. Almost 30 years of recovery later I am mostly free from looking to people for my value. Thank God for putting wise counselors in my path who sent me to 12step recovery where I learned Who my Heavenly Father was and what He’d made me for and the power available for me to live well. I was not created to grovel in shame but for beautiful service to His suffering children who like me had no idea of their value! God bless you Dr Carol for opening windows and letting in God’s wisdom and opening doors out of the shameful prisons many of His children live in! There is a way out to a beautiful life!

  • In Dec 2014, I abruptly quit my job because of female hemorrhaging. Meds didn’t work and I was basically homebound for a month, except going to my daughter & son-in-laws’. Not too much pain, but profuse. I felt like the woman with bleeding from the Bible. Birth control pills helped and I awaited scheduled sonograms… laying low and kind of pouting for two months. At the procedure, it was determined to be a cyst, cured by the birth control, and no ablation or hysterectomy was needed. Praise the Lord! But then I was too embarrassed to go back to my Church or tell others where I had been/why I had been missing… (the Church did leave message with my husband and sent a card)! More sulking! These past months (now July 2016) finally regaining a semblance of my former life. Started at a new Church, visiting country neighbors, regaining my stamina for household chores and yoga (smile). My husband’s response was to point out that my arms have gotten ‘fluffy’… so I feel a little of your pain, Miss Lydia. Love the sisterhood here. Sisters in Christ.

    • Marie, the chores and exercise will hopefully help the “fluffy.” Glad things have improved, and praying you stay strong and regain even more health.

      • Yes, thank you, Dr, Carol, There should be no shame/embarrassment in suffering from a female malady. But when the non- coping becomes a further hinderance and leads to sinful giving up, we have an issue. Never want to confuse unwarranted shame with the pricking of a contrite heart. Jesus loved and loves women; this I know.

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