Mental Switch

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Mental SwitchYou may have experienced the vicious cycle yourself. Something isn’t going well between you and your husband. Perhaps he was inconsiderate and said something negative about you in front of your friends. Perhaps you were extra tired or truly had a headache, and had to refuse his sexual advances. The temperature between you dropped from pleasantly warm to tepid.

Neither of you felt much like “making up.” A few days later something else happened, and the temperature dropped again. Now you’re starting to feel a real chill. You’re frustrated at his lack of understanding, and he certainly isn’t doing anything to make you feel warmer towards him. And if he were asked, he would say that you’re going out of your way to be distant, unavailable, and downright “unwifely!”

God wants us to “love, honor, and cherish” each other. And there’s not much loving, honoring, or cherishing going on.

In my role as an OB-Gyn physician, and in my ministry activities, I hear from couples like this all too often. What starts out as a temporary speedbump can easily develop into a wall between you.

It’s been two months since he made any effort at intimacy.” “She hasn’t let me make love to her for almost a year.”

And the weeks, months, or even years continue until you’re more like roommates instead of husband and wife. I can feel the hurt, the frustration, and the loneliness in these couples.

Is that you?

As a wife you have plenty of excuses you could use to keep your husband at arm’s length and not “have to” engage in sex.    . . .

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