Why Bother?

I get strange looks and frustrated questions from time to time, probably because I don’t fit into any standard role or mold. I’m a strange combination of medical doctor, wellness promotor, mental health advocate, Christian minister, and perhaps others. That may seem unfocused and strange to some, but it stems from the core philosophy of who I am and what we are about on the Dr Carol Show. We can’t be weak or “sick” in any area of our lives without it touching every other area. We are whole, integrated, human beings. God made us that way!

What happens if one area of our lives is unattended? Focusing on your religious life exclusively may well give you meaning and hope in this life, and assurance of life in heaven when this life is over. Knowing things are right between you and God trumps perhaps everything else – rightfully so.

But haven’t you seen examples of those who neglect other areas of their lives, with devastating consequences? Marriages destroyed, health lost, mental imbalance, life cut short – all needlessly. From a Christian’s perspective, what does it do to your Christian witness if you are angry all the time, your marriage is destroyed, or your physical lifestyle leads to preventable illness? Isn’t your impact for the Kingdom of God damaged and cut short?

There are  many problems in this life that we cannot prevent or control, but there are many that we can. Wouldn’t you love to prevent what pain you can? Why needlessly suffer from financial disaster, physical pain and illness, or a destroyed family life? Some pain is optional!

The life Jesus came to bring us, and died to make available, is BOTH-AND. Yes, it impacts our eternity, but it also impacts our life here and now, today. So when I am asked, “Why bother with living healthy?”, I have an answer.

I want to live healthy physically because I feel better and look better, yes. But also because it means I will be around longer to affect more people for the Kingdom of God. And I’ll have a bigger impact while doing so. I’ll be a better example. I’ll have more energy and courage in doing so. The very fact that I’m happy and healthy will draw more people to Jesus through me. And the same goes for a healthy marriage, wise financial living, and all the rest.

I aim to be the best specimen possible of what can happen when God’s intervention and every bit of my own being come together – for now, AND for eternity. Won’t you join me?

Why do you bother? What relationship do you see between your physical, mental, financial, and relationship health and your spiritual life?

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