Marriage is a good thing, as God designed it. But as with every good thing from God, your marriage is opposed. Perhaps you began with the idea that a good marriage would just happen because the two of you loved each other, but now you know different. Things are hard. And your marriage needs a breakthrough.

The opposition to a good marriage comes from everywhere; a busy lifestyle, undealt-with patterns from your families of origin, society’s devaluation of marriage, some popular media, controlling religious stereotypes, and from the enemy himself. When you look at it that way, it’s a wonder any marriage survives.

If your marriage seems stuck, you may have already been praying repeatedly for God to intervene. And when things don’t seem to change you may be wondering what’s wrong. Why isn’t God answering your prayers?

I know what it’s like to pray and pray, and get no answer. Over twenty years ago I went through some years of very severe distress. I believed God had the answer, but my prayers weren’t “working.” And as God brought me out of that time I learned things that led me to a real breakthrough that has lasted even through troubles that have come since.

Know first that whatever the details of your marriage struggle, God sees you. He feels your sorrow, loneliness, fear, anger, betrayal, or whatever you are experiencing. And He has a way forward for you!

And the principles of Powerful Breakthrough Prayers will make it possible for you to experience that when your marriage needs a breakthrough.

How God Works

God’s usual way of working is not to “douse” you with a heavenly “dollop” of healing or breakthrough. Almost always He invites you to cooperate with Him in a process. And when it comes to your marriage, this applies regardless of whether or not your spouse is on board right now.

And that’s what you will learn in our Powerful Breakthrough Prayers online course experience.

Marriage is one of those big areas that impact your wellbeing in every other area. This course is designed for people who feel stuck, regardless of whether it’s marriage or something else that is your biggest challenge. The things you learn and experience in this course will change your outlook on your problems, show you what to focus on, and walk you through exactly how to pray for and experience your breakthrough. You will know how to fight the opposition to your marriage, or any other problem you face.

In this course you will: 

  • Learn Biblical characteristics of effective prayer, supported by science
  • Find your faith strengthened and your experience with God deepened
  • Understand what will short-circuit your breakthrough 
  • Know what spiritual warfare IS and ISN’T
  • See how Jesus dealt with evil
  • Discover the warning signs that you are under spiritual attack
  • Understand questions to ask that God answers
  • Practice powerful keys to breakthrough prayers
  • Maintain your breakthrough through specific daily practices

Experience Your Breakthrough

Your marriage is not hopeless. There is no magic here, just Biblical and scientifically-supported practical strategies that work!

And the best news of all is that you can experience breakthrough for yourself regardless of what happens with your spouse. And it’s just possible that as you experience your own personal breakthrough, your spouse will be drawn to engage in the same process.

This Powerful Breakthrough Prayers Course is not just a bunch of information. It includes Bible study, but it’s more than that. It’s an actual experience that will make your breakthrough possible. You will not only learn things, but you will do things that will move you toward your breakthrough like they did for me.

And if you register for this course now, I’ll personally walk through this with you. Weekly for six weeks you’ll experience a spiritual mentoring/coaching LIVE video session with me that will help you actually do the work and experience your breakthrough.

Why wait any longer? Sign up for the Powerful Breakthrough Prayers Course now.

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You Can experience breakthrough!

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