When You Dread the Holidays

I have a friend who dreads this time of year. Come each November 15, he wishes he could fast-forward to January 2. The stress, the rush, the shopping, the expectations – he hates it all. And most of all, he hates being lonely.

There are a number of reasons why you might not look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. Holidays make our normal vulnerabilities even more apparent.

If that’s you, there’s one important thing you must do this holiday season. Watch this to find out:

Happy Thanksgiving!


On the most recent Dr Carol Show we talk about Surviving the Holidays. We talk about surviving loneliness, dealing with the holidays after the death of a loved one, and facing memories when the holidays meant violence and getting drunk in your family. We talk with a caller who is facing Thanksgiving alone, and offer advice on his relationship questions.

For the audio of the three-minute Saturday Memo CLICK HERE.


For the audio archive of the full program, CLICK HERE.


Some of the Scriptures and resources we mention on the program:

Your turn: Do you dread or look forward to the holidays? How are planning to deal with the extra stress during this season? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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