2019 mean for them

I don’t know what kind of year 2018 was for you. But I know what it meant for Virginia.

For years Virginia had struggled with fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and more. She rarely left her house. Virginia’s mind was keeping her chained, and she felt unable to move forward.

But something changed. Virginia is no longer a prisoner to her thoughts.

Watch this to find out more about Virginia’s story.


What would it feel like to help someone like Virginia find a pathway out of fear and anxiety, into the life of growth and joy God has for them?

That kind of change is what Dr Carol Ministries is all about.

Won’t you join us in making God’s pathway to a new life available for others in 2019?

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Someone experiencing the same challenges as Virginia will thank you. I thank you!

And God will bless you as you give to help others find the life He has for them.

Make your year-end contribution now.

Thank you!

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