What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible

There’s that little voice in your head that says, “Read the Bible!” Intellectually you accept the fact that as a Christian, reading the Bible would be a good thing to do. But you don’t feel like reading the Bible.

You’re tired. The Bible is too difficult to understand. You don’t know where to start. Last time you tried you got bogged down in a long list of names, dates, or numbers. It seems the Bible happened a long time ago, and it’s a real stretch to make it mean something for today. If you DID read the Bible, you might even find something in your lifestyle that you would have to change, and you’re not ready for that. And on top of it so many people disagree on what the Bible really means, so who’s to know?

Or maybe you’re one of those who has read and studied the Bible a great deal. You know a lot about the original writing of the Bible, and the circumstances behind each writer and book. But your soul is tired because every time you try reading, your mind kicks into high intellectual gear trying to figure out something new or thinking of something you need to study.

The Bible is a collection of stories, poems, and letters written by many authors over many years.

But it’s so much more than that as well. God means the Bible to be His letter directly to you. It’s a means by which He works to change you from the inside.

Here are a few thoughts on what to do at those moments when you just don’t feel like reading the Bible.

  1. Pray about it. Let God know how you feel – weary, guilty, nervous, frustrated, confused. Ask Him to guide you to where to read, and to make those verses mean something to your soul.

  1. Try listening. If reading is difficult, try listening to an audio Bible. There are many audio Bible reading plans in the YouVersion Bible app, and some entire audio versions available.
  2. Start with Jesus’ life. This is one of the two best places to start reading if you’re new to the Bible, or stuck in a rut. Choose one of the gospels, perhaps John, and read a story a day. Imagine yourself in the story.
  3. Start with the Psalms. This is the other best place to start, or restart reading. Most of the Psalms are prayers, expressing every human emotion. You’re sure to find one or more that express what’s in your heart.
  4. Take it in bite size pieces. Read a few verses, a story, a Psalm, a chapter, and then pause and think. If you’re in danger of getting soul indigestion, stop and do it again tomorrow.
  5. Don’t overthink. This Bible reading is for spiritual food, not intellectual stimulation. Serious Bible study is important, but that’s another topic. Let your heart have time to absorb a small portion at a time.
  6. Ask, “What is God saying to me?” Part of the mystery of God’s Holy Spirit is how He takes words from Scripture and does something in your heart with them. Give Him a chance to do so.

This can happen in a few minutes a day. Or while you’re driving to work. Or while your child is taking a brief nap. Or while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

More intense Bible study has its place, but I hope this gives you an idea how you can begin to allow the Bible to be part of your daily life.

Keep at it. And God will make something happen in your life because of it.

Your Turn: How do you make the Bible part of your daily life? What doesn’t work for you? What does work? Leave a comment below.

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