Only the most spiritual of people would say that they ALWAYS feel like praying. And I’m not sure I would believe them if they did! All of us sometimes don’t feel like praying.

Sometimes you may be so exhausted that prayer just feels like one more thing to DO, and you have absolutely no energy to do even one more thing. Sometimes your mind feels confused and you wouldn’t even know what to say if you tried to pray. Sometimes the Why questions feel too difficult, and trying to pray would mean struggling with the exhausting challenge between doubt and faith. And sometimes, truthfully, you may feel angry at God because of some loss or grief or pain, and you just don’t want to talk.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you just don’t feel like praying. And if someone says to you, “Pray about it” at one of those moments, they’re the one who might end up needing prayer!

So what do you do with those moments? Is there an option other than living with the guilt of not being “spiritual enough?”

Yes, there is.

If You Don’t Feel Like Praying

  1. Don’t confuse prayer with performance. Prayer has little if anything to do with King James English pious phrases said with a super-spiritual-sounding voice with one’s eyes closed. Tears, dance, song, silence – all may be just as much prayer in the appropriate circumstances.
  2. Be real with God. When you don’t feel like the “normal” prayers, that may be the very time to just let your emotions flood out in God’s presence. Frustration, anger, pain, fear, confusion, excitement – who better to understand you than Him?
  3. Choose to listen. Sometimes you may be too tired or angry to hear much right away. Consciously choose to keep coming back into God’s presence, perhaps after some rest or time. He will speak to you in some way.
  4. Read other prayers. Sometimes one of the best ways to express yourself in prayer is to read one of the Psalms. Most of them are prayers, and they express a wide variety of emotions and thoughts. Read through a few, and see if one doesn’t say something of how you feel. Or try another classic book of prayers.
  5. If it’s quick, it’s still prayer. “I’m tired. Goodnight.” “I’m stressed. Come with me please!” “Why?” “Help me!” Those are very real prayers. What’s important is that you direct them to God – the One big enough to handle it all.

So you may not feel like kneeling down or raising your arms and having a happy conversation with God. But you can still pray!

Your turn: What do you do when you don’t feel like praying? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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