What the Best and Worst of Sexuality Tells Us About God

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Sexuality tells us about God. For some, putting “God” and “sex” in the same sentence might seem sacrilegious. The only message some have heard is, “God said No. He doesn’t want you to have pleasure.” Some others seriously wish that God had come up with an alternative way to propagate the human race.

But if sex was God’s idea – and it was (Genesis 2:25) – then there must be more to the idea than pain and frustration. Instead, I believe it tells us something very powerful about God Himself.

Think of the worst possible things you have either experienced or know about in relation to a woman’s sexuality. You may think of words such as pain, exploitation, perversion, violence, abuse, molestation, control, ownership, trafficking, and more. Especially if you’ve been hurt here, the idea of sexuality may leave you feeling dirty, used, discarded, powerless, violated, and betrayed. Feelings such as fear, terror, revulsion, pain, anger, and despair may overwhelm you.

Those are the very same words we could use to describe the kingdom of darkness. God’s enemy satan does everything in his power to violate, imprison, deceive, degrade, humiliate, and destroy anyone he can, both men and women. You see a picture of his true nature in those who have used sex as a weapon throughout history. Armies have used rape to control, capture, and humiliate entire populations. Some husbands and fathers (and occasionally mothers) have used it to do the same to their families. Evil people have used it to make merchandise of human beings for centuries.

Are you sick enough of the idea yet?

Now think of the very best you have experienced, or can possibly imagine, in relation to your sexuality. You may think of words such as ecstasy, exhilaration, joy, pleasure, comfort, intimacy, security, and love. The absolute best possible sexual experience might leave you feeling special, priceless, cherished, known, safe, satisfied, beautiful, and loved. Time would stand still. You and your lover would be all there was in the whole universe, forever.

That’s the very description of the relationship God designed you to have with Him. Those very same words apply. No wonder Paul exclaimed, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9) For both now and eternity what God has in mind for you is intimacy, security, joy, and love between you and Him.

Can you see a little more of why God took a chance on creating us as sexual beings? It was a risk. He knew what we would do with this gift. He knew the pain, perversion, humiliation, and destruction the evil one would accomplish through using sexuality for his purposes.

On the other hand, how else could we understand this much of what God wants for us? How else could we know the intense intimacy He desires with us, and the all-encompassing joy we were made for?

Yes, sexuality does tell us a lot about God, and the relationship He wants with us.

Your Turn: What words would you use to describe your relationship with God? Leave a comment below.

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