Relationships can’t survive without communication. In marriage—the closest relationship on earth, communication breakdowns are both common and destructive. When asked, 70% of couples indicated they wanted better communication in their marriage. Are you one of them?

Perhaps you’re the type of person who immediately shares whatever you think or feel with your spouse. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? After all, it’s important to you! But then it seems your spouse pushes back, and more often than not you end up in a big fight.

Or you could be the type of person who hates conflict. When the temperature rises, you shut down. You find yourself following your parent’s advice; “If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.” But as a result there are some really important marriage issues that never seem to get resolved.

Your communication style in your marriage is unique. It’s formed by your personality, the relationships you observed growing up, your history with your spouse, and more. Understanding your communication style will help you understand the issues in your marriage better.

And even more important, it will help you take steps to improve the way you express your thoughts and feelings in any situation even if your spouse verbalizes differently.

We’ve prepared a brief 15-question Communication Assessment that will only take you a few moments to complete.

Within minutes you’ll receive:

  • A brief description of your Communication Style
  • Your communication strengths
  • Your communication challenges and why some issues don’t seem to ever get resolved
  • Tips on areas of focus so you can take the communication in your marriage to the next level

This Communication Assessment is absolutely free! So why not take the first step in improving or deepening your relationship right now?

What Is My Communication Style?

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