My husband gets these posts in his email inbox. I’m sure when he sees the title of this one he’ll open it eagerly to see what will make his wife happy this year. In our culture many guys feel a lot of pressure around Valentine’s Day, searching for the thing that will impress that special someone, or at least get her off his back for another year.

If you watch TV at all you’ve certainly seen the advertisements for chocolate-covered strawberries and life-size teddy bears. (And Honey, as much as I love chocolate-covered strawberries, that’s NOT what I want this year.) Merchants must love taking advantage of this holiday.

Have you ever noticed how almost all the promotion around this holiday centers around things a guy would give to his girl – flowers, cards, candy, teddy bears, and yes, chocolate-covered strawberries? Don’t guys want anything? Sure, there are cards wives give to their husbands on this day. But perhaps we should promote fishing lures, remote controls, or cordless drills on Valentine’s Day. Then guys would look forward to it as much as their wives and girlfriends!

What is it that women are looking for on Valentine’s Day? Why is there so much angst from men to satisfy what they often don’t understand? Why do women feel lost and alone if they don’t get what they’re looking for?

God built into each human heart the desire to be wanted, cherished, known, sought after, and loved. Both men and women will do crazy things to try and fulfill that need. Married or single, if that need is met no amount of outside criticism can stop one’s spirit from soaring. If it’s not, nothing else can make one’s world alright.

Having that need met has very little to do with a ring on one’s finger. Many married men and women struggle on in a joyless relationship, wondering how things could have ever gone so wrong. Many single men and women feel fulfilled and happy, even though they may ultimately desire a spouse.

Do you remember those MasterCard commercials where the individual is able to use his credit card to purchase various items for a given dollar amount? The commercials always ended with something like, “Creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your son: PRICELESS.”

So Honey, here’s what I want for Valentine’s Day. (By the way, it’s OK to tell your sweetheart what you want!) You can’t charge it on our credit card. Our bank balance isn’t high enough to cover the cost. And I couldn’t buy it if I wanted to. It’s PRICELESS. Here it is:


And the beautiful thing is, I have you! I know I have your whole heart. I know I’m Number One to you, and always will be. It’s all the little things you do every day, not just today, that tell me so. And because of that, I’m the richest and most blessed woman in the world.

If you’re husband or a wife, let me encourage you to think about what would show your spouse that they have YOU. What would tell them that they are Number One in your heart? What would say “I love you!” to them? It might be a card or flowers. But it’s more likely that it would be something even more personal, such as a hand-written note, an uninterrupted conversation about something that matters to them, or a hug and a kiss that seems to go on forever.

And married or single, if you’re feeling unwanted, uncherished, and unloved, remember that there’s only One who knows absolutely everything about you and still loves you completely and unconditionally. God wants you to know that He desires you more than any human being ever could. You are truly Number One to Him. He believes in you. And He wants to be your Valentine and more – today, and forever.

And the best part; He will never leave you. Ever!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Your Turn: What do you want for Valentine’s Day? What can you give your sweetheart that says, “I love you!”? Leave a comment below.

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