There are a few things God will not do for you.

That sounds terrible! But it’s true.

Let me first assure you that I am a believer. I have experienced God doing some pretty awesome things for me and around me. I believe in miracles. I pray for them, and I know God hears and answers prayer.

But we human beings sometimes presume on God’s grace and think that will excuse our bad behavior. Just recently two different friends have been in the hospital for heart or blood pressure problems almost certainly caused by a very unhealthy lifestyle. Another wonders why God does not bring her a godly husband, while still playing around sexually with a drug addict. A preacher friend grieves over his daughter running away from home, but was never there when she needed him.

Al (my husband) has told many times how he would leave the doctor’s office after getting a chest X-ray, and celebrate the “no news is good news” result with another cigarette. (Thankfully he quit smoking some years ago now.)

Thankfully God does not treat us as we deserve. He offers us grace. But He does not always reverse the natural consequences of our behavior.

  • God will not take the fork out of your hand if you need to lose weight.
  • God will not make your credit cards vanish if you need to get out of debt.
  • God will not “beam you up” home from work if you need to spend time with your wife and children.

Living right physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually is not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it! That’s why when we see an example of courage, integrity, unselfishness, or strong love we sometimes look on in amazement. We SHOULD be inspired by such examples, because we need them.

And that’s where God DOES come in.

  • God will give you courage to tell someone “NO” who is a bad influence in your life.
  • God will give you strength to make the gut-wrenchingly hard lifestyle changes necessary to honor the body He gave you.
  • God will change your hard heart to one of warmth toward your family who needs you.
  • God will forgive you when you fail, and give you grace to get up and move forward once again.

So don’t be angry with God when you experience some “natural consequences.” Don’t think you will necessarily get by with not caring for your body, your finances, or your family without seeing some pain. Yes, we all experience pain in this world, but some of it is optional!

Do seek God for His grace in changing your character. He values your cooperation, and there you will never be disappointed.

Your turn: How has God’s intervention worked in your life? What does “cooperation with God” look like for you? I’d love to see your comments.

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