If your marriage is less than you wish, this holiday season may feel especially challenging.

Helping couples have the Healthy Relationship God desires for you is something we care a lot about. Here are the top five resources on marriage that we released in 2019.

From our most popular resources it’s clear so many marriages are facing challenges. May these be helpful to you in seeing what next steps God may have for you to take in your own marriage.

What’s It Like to be Married to Me?

The fact that any two sinful human beings ever make it through decades living together can seem like a miracle. And when that marriage is characterized by respect, intimacy, and true love it truly IS a miracle! You may have a long list of things your husband or wife should do differently, and you’re likely right. But you can’t change them. So the question that can transform your marriage is not, “How do I get my spouse to change?”  More here.

Three Things NOT to do When You Feel Disconnected From Your Spouse

Getting married, you were hoping the fireworks between you would continue. The bond was real, and it felt good. But life happens, and now you feel disconnected from your spouse. What do you do now?  

That disconnection usually starts small. He says something that irritates you. She doesn’t respond in the way you hoped. Other life stresses take your attention to things outside the relationship.  More here.

How to Know if you are Released From Your Marriage

Jesus said that even though it was not God’s original design for marriage, divorce is “allowed” in some circumstances “because of the hardness of your hearts.” (Matthew 19:8) For the Christian believer who takes Jesus’ words seriously, what does that mean? How “bad” do things have to be in order to leave your marriage? How do you know if you are released from your marriage – in God’s eyes?  More here.

When God Calls You to Stay in a Bad Marriage

Every marriage will have periods of challenge, times when “till death do us part” seems beyond your ability to handle. Let’s assume you have prayed and fully considered the circumstances, and are certain that God is calling you to remain in this marriage. What then? How do you survive if you stay in a bad marriage?  More here.

When You Should NOT Be Kind to Your Spouse

Truthfully you should always be kind to your spouse. The problem comes when you confuse kind with nice. And accepting truly destructive behavior is decidedly unkind. Sometimes being kind to your spouse means doing what may seem to be very harsh.  More here

May 2020 be the best year ever for your marriage.

And if your marriage is facing challenges, check out our Healthy Relationships page. I pray some of these resources help you experience the next step of what God wants to do in your marriage.

Your Turn: What do you want God to do in 2020 for your marriage? What steps are you going to take in cooperating with Him in doing that? Leave a comment below. 

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