Have you ever come to the point where you don’t care? It’s one of the most powerful places you can be. And it’s exhilarating!

This is not about not wanting what is best for your loved ones, or not wanting to be successful. It’s about getting rid of the chains that your own fears create in business, personal relationships, and even your spiritual life.

It’s possible to care too much. Becoming too invested in the outcome puts you in a very vulnerable position, clouds your perspective, and removes all your negotiating power.

  • If you want a specific car or house too much you may agree to a significantly higher price than necessary.
  • If you have your heart set on a particular job position you may agree to terms that make your future much more difficult than it needs to be.
  • If you worry excessively over what people will think your judgment will be clouded in leadership and making difficult decisions.
  • If you want a relationship with a certain someone at any cost you will be blind to danger signs in their behavior and character.

This is a spiritual principle as well. Paul said that if he tried to please men, he would not be a servant of God (Gal. 1:10). Even Jesus’ opponents knew He was not swayed by what people thought (Matt. 22:16). And those who are overcomers with Jesus at the end of time do not care enough about their own lives to worry about death (Rev. 12:11).

You become useful to God and dangerous to the enemy when you no longer care about will happen to you.

More than not caring, it comes down to what you really DO care about. Something bigger makes the small stuff fade away. You DO care about:

  • Living your life with personal integrity
  • Fulfilling the mission God has given you to do
  • Passing on a positive legacy to family and others coming after you
  • Pleasing your Heavenly Father

For those things, you cannot care too much!

Your turn: What would not caring about what other people think allow you to do? What are the important things you really DO care about?

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