Investments come in all varieties. Financial, yes, but so much more. Little things you do today make a much bigger difference in your tomorrows.

Small seeds grow into big trees. Small habits form character traits. A small stream can carve a deep valley. Small deposits can grow into a significant fortune.

We look at the nobel-prize-winning scientist, the Olympic medalist, the concert musician and think, “I wish I could do that!” We marvel at the accomplishments of well-known authors, thinkers, politicians, preachers, sports figures, artists, or entrepreneurs. But we usually only see the end result, not the investment of blood, sweat, and tears day after day, year after year.

Sure, there is the occasional child wonder, the occasional lottery winner, the occasional “big break.” But you talk to Michael Jordan, and he’ll tell you how many millions of basketball shots he took. Itzhak Perlman will tell you how many endless hours he practiced. Albert Einstein would have told you how many experiments he tried – and failed most of the time. Success is the result of ongoing investments over the long haul!

The same holds in every area of our lives. I’m enjoying some of the benefits of ongoing investments in certain areas, and it’s almost amazing. It’s like looking at your bank account and being surprised how big it is. (I wish that were one of the things I was amazed about!)

Here are a few ways my “investments” have paid off:

  • Family relationships. I was a safe welcoming “latecomer” to my husband’s family when we married. My step-children and grandchildren have responded with more affection and open hearts than I could even have wished for.
  • Medical experience. There’s something about medical judgment that only develops over time. Young doctors may have an edge with technology and new research, but years of experience does count for something with patients.
  • Constant learning. I’ve always been one to read, study, ask questions, learn. I am certain I don’t remember everything I’ve read, but it’s all filed in there somewhere. When a new question or problem comes up there’s usually something to draw on from something I’ve learned.
  • Client contacts. When you do what you say you’re going to do, over and over again, people learn they can trust you. And then when you need help they’re eager to do what they can, and even ask you for advice.
  • Spiritual strength. Watching God take you through “stuff” lets you know He’ll be there the next time you face something. Talking with Him when things are going well allows you to hear His voice easier when things are difficult.

I’m not going to stop making investments now. There are many more returns I look forward to in the future.

And the good news: it’s never too late to start!

Your turn: What kinds of returns are you getting on your investments in life? Are there areas you would like to change the deposits you are making? Leave a comment below. 

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