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Recently you received an opportunity to answer a brief survey from Dr Carol Ministries. Many of you responded. Thank You for sharing your thoughts! That means more to me than you know. You were candid, generous, and thoughtful.

That survey is still open. If you’d like to add your responses, you can do so right here. (If you have already taken this survey and have further comments, just click REPLY to this email and I’ll be glad to listen.)

Your concerns and suggestions have my mind going a million miles an hour. I’m truly excited to see the areas where you would like help. Some of you asked specific questions, and I’m going to work on answering many of those questions in posts, articles, and other resources in the coming weeks.

I’d like to answer just a few of the comments from those of you who have already responded.

  1. Marriage issues are number one.

Marriage problems was the most frequently mentioned issue you struggle with. You’re hurting here. Disunity, differences over sex, lack of emotional intimacy, struggles with aging in your relationship, feeling like your spouse is disengaged – really painful stuff. And some of you are struggling with divorce, widowhood, or the lack of a relationship.

Some of you also mentioned that you appreciate the information we’ve presented on marriage already. We’re going to do a lot more of that. And we’re working right now to develop other ways to help marriages – troubled marriages to find healing, and good marriages to become great.

Those resources may involve more Resource Guides, webinars, study guides, and/or a video curriculum. Thank you for verifying that you need this kind of help. I’m always eager to hear from you further if you have specific issues you need help with here, or suggestions about what might be helpful to you.

  1. Psychological distress is real.

One of the next most frequently mentioned issues you struggle with is psychological distress; fear, anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. We’re going to be talking more about this too. You want some specific ways to deal with your distress that bring relief and help you be functional and experience Christ’s healing.

I’m especially grateful that so many of you mentioned this because it’s one area where I have experienced God’s healing myself. And I have a book coming out in the next few months dealing with this very topic. Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing a lot more about this in the coming weeks.

  1. You are interested in my journey as a widow.

Most of you know that my loving husband Al passed away last year. Thank you to all those of you who have reached out with prayers, thoughts, and kind messages. It means so much!

In response to your comments, I will be sharing more about my journey in upcoming posts, articles, etc. I will talk about exactly what I’ve done in my own journey through grief, the things I’ve learned, what’s been helpful and what hasn’t, and more. I’ve wanted to keep this ministry about you and not about me. But your comments have helped me realize that many of you also struggle with grief, loss, loneliness, widowhood, etc. Thank you for asking! More to come here for sure.

  1. You appreciate video!

Several of you mentioned how much you enjoyed the videos you’ve seen, and that you want more. Al and I were working hard to establish the video aspect of this ministry before he passed away. I’m now working with a brilliant and creative videographer and his beautiful and efficient wife. There are video projects being produced right now. And we have many more planned.

  1. One-on-one is available.

A few of you mentioned that you would like further one-on-one connection with me, Dr Carol. I do that! I love coaching-type relationships, and we can make that happen if that’s what you would like.

The first step in that kind of connection is a 20-minute phone call. During that FREE call you can let me know your toughest issue, I’ll suggest at least one resource that might be helpful, and we can discuss what working together further would look like. I do most coaching by phone.

If you’d like to schedule that FREE initial phone call or have other questions about working one-on-one with me, just send me a note here.

If I haven’t mentioned the question or comment you wrote, don’t worry. I read every single one! For example, we plan webinars coming in the near future. Our website is being redesigned, and will include testimonials from individuals and couples who this ministry has impacted. We’ll talk more about issues such as sex, finances, and other serious stuff.

Thank you again for your responses! I cannot express how much you have encouraged me.

I’m so glad you are part of our online family. Hearing from you makes my day. I pray for you daily! May God richly bless you every day of 2017 and beyond.

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