Should I Use Birth Control? A Christian Doctor’s Answer

Should I Use Birth Control? A Christian Doctor’s Answer

Some wonder if it’s OK to use birth control as a Christian.

When I think of contraception, a number of images come to mind:

  • An 18-year-old girl a few weeks prior to her wedding date asking if birth control pills cause abortion, because she believes abortion is wrong
  • Living just a couple miles from the high school with the highest student pregnancy rate in the state, and seeing those students in my practice
  • A frightening text message from someone close to me telling of his soon-to-be wife’s pulmonary embolus (blood clot to the lungs) soon after starting birth control pills
  • The college student in my exam room wanting a different birth control method that will make next school year “easier”
  • The 25-year-old single mother with three children on public assistance, trying desperately to  just survive

Talking about contraception is often an emotionally charged issue. Most of the heat has little to do with the medical or scientific facts involved. Briefly put, when egg and sperm come together in a woman’s reproductive tract, pregnancy can occur. Interrupt any part of that equation and it won’t occur. Although new life is a mystery, it’s no mystery how pregnancy happens.

But you didn’t read this far to find out about the medical facts of contraception.

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Women and Hormones: No Excuse!

Women and Hormones: No Excuse!

Women are wonderful creatures. Some say a woman is God’s crowning creation. A woman is beautiful, complicated, fascinating, strong, and loving.

But for some men, a woman presents a case of, “Can’t live with her: can’t live without her!”

Much of a woman’s fascinating, complicated nature comes down to her and her hormones. The very thing that makes a woman who she is can also create frustration, misery, and major conflict in intimate relationships. The seasons of a woman’s life are, in large measure, dictated by her hormones. Her monthly cycle, PMS, pregnancy, infertility, and menopause – they are all marked by significant hormonal changes, and the sometimes difficult emotional and physical results.

A woman’s nature is a finely-crafted integration of body, mind, and soul. Anything that impacts one aspect of her life has significant impact on every other area. Men are integrated beings too, but they are more compartmentalized than women. You cannot change one thing in a woman’s life without changing everything. Physical changes, often triggered by hormonal fluctuations, affect her emotions. The quality of her important relationships affects her physical well-being. And her spiritual life is affected as well.

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7 Sure Ways to Stay Young(er)

Senior WomenShe was crying in my office. She had just been told the results of her hormonal evaluation, and it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. It was unlikely she would ever get pregnant again, at least not in the natural way. In human terms, her ovaries were just too old.

Yes, you are only as old as you feel! But none of us enjoys having to face grey hair, skin wrinkles, loss of strength, or “senior moments.” People have been searching for the fountain of youth for centuries.

While Ponce de Leon may have failed to find the fountain of youth in his Florida journeys, your own fountain of youth may be much closer to home. There are many things you can do that either speed up or slow down the aging process. No, none of them will make you live forever. But they will make a big difference in how your body, mind, and soul look and feel.

Here are seven ways to stay young:

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25 Messages Women Hear

25 Messages Women Hear

Think of the messages women hear during an average evening. You stop at the grocery store on your way home, and in the checkout line you notice the magazine covers on the nearby stand. You turn on the TV after dinner to relax with a couple of your favorite shows. The 10 minutes each hour of commercials blare even louder than the program.

As you open the mail there are three bills that are larger than you expect: you’re not certain how you’ll be able to pay them. You open Facebook, and notice some pictures from your friend’s family trip last weekend. You can’t remember when you last had a true weekend away.

As you look at your schedule for tomorrow, you remember you will be going into work late. You have a doctor’s appointment. You made the appointment because you seem to be tired all the time, and hope there’s a medical explanation – and treatment.

During the evening your cellphone rings several times. One call is

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“Are We Playing God?”

Sad Over InfertIt was a relatively common, simple medical procedure designed to help her get pregnant. Although it was somewhat uncomfortable for her, I was not prepared for Sarah to begin crying as soon as we were done. But I soon realized her tears had nothing to do with her physical discomfort.

“Are we doing the right thing?”, she asked while wiping her eyes. “Is this meant to be?”  Sarah was wrestling with whether her inability to get pregnant was God’s message to her that He did not want her to have a baby. And she was concerned that taking medical steps to help her conceive might be stepping into an arena that would displease Him.

At heart-stopping moments like this I step out of my doctor roll and address the matters of the heart. It’s one more area where our spiritual lives and our physical lives impact each other greatly. One can’t ignore the deep places in our souls that such issues touch.

I told Sarah that ultimately any decision

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