Your Soul Gets Hungry! 5 Ways to Feed Your Inner Being

Your Soul Gets Hungry! 5 Ways to Feed Your Inner Being

What’s your favorite meal? Think of it right now. Is it something you eat at home, carefully prepared by your spouse? Do you enjoy a culinary masterpiece you spend all day preparing yourself? Is there a special dish at your favorite restaurant? Who do you eat it with? What’s the setting? Is there music? How do you feel afterwards? Keep that in your memory as you read this.

We need to eat every day. Sometimes it’s a banana while rushing off to work, or a slice of cold pizza at your desk. But sometimes it’s an experience for all the senses, perhaps with a few good friends, or with the one you love. Sometimes feeding your body becomes part of feeding your soul.

Can you tell the difference? You could satisfy your body’s need for calories and nutrients by swallowing the same ready-made nutritional drink three times a day. But that wouldn’t satisfy any of your other hungers, would it? Your soul gets hungry too!

Sometimes a mental fast-food snack will keep your soul’s hunger at bay for a time. But you regularly need to bring some real nourishment to the deeper parts of you. You need to feed your inner being. Neglect doing so for too long, and you will become irritable, short-sighted, frustrated, angry, and ineffective.

Here are several possible ways to feed your inner being with some gourmet nourishment:

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Where Is Your Body Vulnerable?

Woman Having StressStress exacts a toll on your body, mind, and soul. But how your body responds is unique to you. The same outside stressor may create a very different reaction in your body than in mine.

Your body is an amazing integration of multiple systems that normally all work in harmony. Any one of those systems can break down when any kind of stress becomes too great.

If you are paying attention, your body will tell you when you need to take action to prevent further damage. Each of us has one or two body systems that are most vulnerable. For me, if I lose too much sleep or work too many hours I sometimes get a migraine headache: that’s my vulnerable body area. For you it’s probably something else.

Some common vulnerable areas are:

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How Do You Handle Stress?

Man Holding Head in HandsIn preparation for being part of a group I hope to work with, I underwent a behavioral interview this week. This is very different from the interview a normal job or school application involves. A behavioral interview focuses on such things as how you deal with people, how you handle situations you dislike, what excites and energizes you, and how you handle stress.

How DO you handle stress?

That’s a good question. When I feel stressed I usually get quiet. In fact one of the first ways my husband knows I’m stressed is that I don’t talk much. I know the likelihood of saying things that I will later regret goes up when I’m stressed, so I don’t say much at all.

That may or may not be a healthy way to handle stress. I’ve learned that people around me appreciate knowing what I’m feeling stressed about; at least they don’t have to worry that they are doing something wrong. Unless of course they ARE the cause of my stress! (OOPS, better be careful here.)

There are many different ways of handling stress. Here are a few:

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When Arms Are Empty: Infertility

When Arms Are Empty: Infertility

Many couples do not have an opportunity to experience the joy of parenting, and do not have a baby to hold in their arms. Over ten percent of couples are unable to achieve a pregnancy within one year of trying. That’s over 7 million couples in this country. And that leads to the sometimes rocky journey of infertility and its treatment.

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5 Actions to Take With Almost Any Problem

Woman Feeling StressIf it wasn’t one thing it was another. Hot flashes. No sleep. Blood tests showing problems. Both kids recently married, and now having an empty next. Over-the-top work stress. Marriage having some challenges. The very professional woman broke down in tears, hoping for some help from me as her doctor.

Is Linda’s problem medical? Her physical symptoms are very real, and there is a very possible biochemical reason for some of them. There are some medication options that may help. But no pill will fix the stress at her job, or fill her empty nest. And if she was not under this level of stress, the physical symptoms would be much less of an issue.

I explained to Linda how inter-connected a women is in her body, mind, and soul. And we talked through these action steps that I’ll share with you.

When faced with almost any problem, here’s what to do.

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