Getting Over A Bad Attitude

Bad AttitudeA bad attitude isn’t all in your head. Sometimes it’s very much in your body as well.

A bad attitude certainly spills over into your spirit. And it certainly affects the people around you also.

Choosing your attitude may seem impossible at first, but it’s a skill you can develop. A good attitude doesn’t mean denying the negative things in your life, family, or world. But it means you actively choose how you will think and act in relation to them.

One of the most powerful positive attitudes is hope. The Bible says we are saved by hope! (Romans 8:24) Science has been able to demonstrate the powerful positive effects of hope. Believing and expecting that something good can happen can block physical pain. Even a little hope causes the brain to release endorphins and enkephalins that can eliminate pain and provide a sense of well-being.[i] Hope can change the function of portions of the brain and nervous system, vascular system, gastrointestinal system, and your response to stress.

Hope, specifically, does not mean ignoring reality. Hope means looking clearly at the challenges you face, moving beyond the fear, and focusing on what you CAN change.

For example, in the face of cancer hope does not mean denying the diagnosis. It does mean understanding all you can about your illness, and grabbing hold of every available treatment (medical help, nutrition, prayer, etc). And hope may not always mean a cure; it may mean getting the most out of every day you have left on this earth.

When challenges come some people naturally feel more hopeful than others. Emotions can change slowly. But you can choose to focus on things you do have control over, on whatever is positive around you, and on the differences you can make in your world. Those things may seem small, but choosing to focus on them will have a positive impact on your physical and your mental health. You’ll feel better, and so will those around you!

So what does a biblical, godly attitude look like? Check these points:

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What the Bible Says To Those Who Are Tired

Rest-in-Jesus-ChristI don’t like limits. I don’t like getting tired. I’d probably sleep only a couple hours a night if I could get away with it.

When I was in medical school and residency training there were times I worked or studied 36 hours or more at a stretch with no more than a 30 minute nap. Sure, I got tired. But I was able to do it, and I felt it was worth it.

Now that I’m significantly older there’s no way I could make it through a shift like that and remain functional. Now I’m more aware than ever of how fatigue affects my efficiency, attitude, and decision-making ability, not to mention what it’s like to be around me.

Some people don’t put much personal effort into anything: the Bible calls them sluggards. But some people, like me, tend toward the other direction. Although working hard can be a strength, overwork can quickly become very destructive personally, mentally, relationally, and spiritually. It’s us hard-working kind of people that we look into the Bible for today.

If you want to feel well, be more effective, and hear God’s voice the best, you need regular times of physical, emotional, and spiritual rest.

God knew we would get tired. Jesus experienced fatigue when He was here. And the Bible gives some clear messages to those who are tired.

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What To Do When You Want To Hear From God

What To Do When You Want To Hear From God

You want to hear from God. But He seems unavailable. “I need God to speak to me. But I’m not hearing anything from Him at all!”

Have you said anything like that? Those of us who care at all about our relationship with God would love to have a way to know exactly what God was saying. We want to hear from Him.

But too often it seems like a game of, “Can you hear me now?” You’d be glad for something as short as a text message from God at those times.

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15 Ways To Help Someone Who’s Having A Bad Day

15 Ways To Help Someone Who’s Having A Bad Day

Having a bad day yourself is bad enough. But when your friend, spouse, child, or someone else close to you is having a bad day, that can almost be harder.

Some days my husband feels great, but other days he gets up in significant pain. He rarely actually complains, but I can tell how much he’s struggling to do things at times. When I see him feeling bad it makes me feel bad also. I so wish there was something I could do to help.

Perhaps your friend was just turned down for the job, or found out her car will need major repairs. Perhaps your child was bullied at school, or your spouse spent the night at the hospital with her sick mother. How you try and help will, of course, depend somewhat on the seriousness of the problem, and on your relationship with the person who is hurting.

How can you help when someone is having a bad day? Your loved one will not appreciate it if you ignore them, pretend everything is OK, or get angry or upset yourself.

If Your Friend is Having a Bad Day

  1. Ask questions. Don’t assume you know what’s going on until you know what’s going on. You can say, “You seem to be having a difficult day. Could you tell me about it?” This is not meddling, but if you have a close relationship with someone, at least ask.
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What You Should Learn From A Bad Day

Bad Hair DayBad days will come. You have them, and so do I.

I’ve had a couple bad days recently. And I don’t like them any better than you do.

But I’ve come to realize that having a bad day can be very useful. Through the experience of having many bad days (who hasn’t?), I’ve come to understand that there are many things to be learned. And some of those things really cannot be learned on a good day.

Here are some things you can learn from having a bad day:

  1. Tomorrow will still come. Regardless of how bad I feel right now, this is not the end. And there are plenty of reasons to believe that good things will happen tomorrow. At least THIS won’t happen the same way again.
  2. I’m human. My physical, emotional, and spiritual strength has limits. A bad day usually happens when I come up against one of those limits. It’s wise to be reminded that I am not God!
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