How To Communicate Better With Your Spouse

I love board meetings. Really. I do! Because that’s how we communicate better.

But these are not your normal board meetings. I’m talking about the almost-nightly talks my husband Al and I have when we go to bed.

Take a few minutes to watch this video about some important ways to make communication between you and your spouse better:

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2 Attitudes About People That Will Make You Miserable

2 Attitudes About People That Will Make You Miserable

People I Can't Stand!

Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts, Nov 12, 1959

In a classic Peanuts cartoon Linus wants to be a doctor. The always negative Lucy says he could never be a doctor because he doesn’t love mankind.

“I love mankind,” Linus retorts. “It’s PEOPLE I can’t stand!”

Do you ever feel like Linus? Having good relationships with people may seem like a nice idea, but sometimes you just can’t stand them.

Like them or lump them, you can’t get away from people. Learning how to deal with people may be one of the most important things affecting your quality of life.

We have a lot more control over the quality of our relationships than we may think. Whether you’re a social butterfly or hardly ever speak a word to another human being, your life involves people. And if you don’t get this part of your lifestyle right, you’re doomed to be forever miserable.

In all your relationships there are two bad attitudes about people that are guaranteed to make you miserable and unhappy. Here they are.

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What Is A Christian Marriage?

Christian Marriage SymbolWhat makes a marriage Christian? Is every good marriage a Christian marriage? Is every Christian marriage a good marriage?

Ask many Christians if their marriage is good, and they will tell you, NO! Marriages among Christians are too often plagued by violence, infidelity, and dysfunction just as non-Christian marriages are.

And many of you may also know happily married people who do not claim a Christian faith.

There are certain ingredients that improve a marriage’s chance of success, whether the people involved are Christian or not.

And there are certain ingredients that spell disaster for a marriage regardless of whether or not the people involved carry the label “Christian.”

Here are some things a Christian marriage is NOT:

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7 Secrets To Improved Sexual Intimacy With Your Spouse

Intimate CoupleYou’re married, but there’s not much fireworks between you any longer. Things are more than a little dry and stale, or even downright prickly. And you can’t seem to get on the same page about sexual intimacy.

He wants to, she doesn’t. She would like to, but he’s not interested. Or neither of you have even bothered to try for quite a long time. But now you’ve finally decided it’s time to do something different if you want your marriage to ever be any better.

If your marriage is good, these secrets will make it richer. And if your marriage is less than good, these secrets will give you a great chance to make things much better.

  1. Listen to each other. It’s been said that the true organ of intimacy is the ear. How many affairs have started with a conversation! If the fires have grown a little cold, some quality conversation, where you concentrate on listening to each other, is the best way to fan the coals into flames. You can talk about sex if you want. Here’s a list of some Conversation Starters if you need some ideas.
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Does Your Husband Have To Earn Your Respect?

Does Your Husband Have To Earn Your Respect?

You’ve heard that men live on respect. But when do you give respect? Do you wait until he does something to earn your respect?

“He’s been in the same stupid job for 10 years. When he comes home he just sits in front of the TV and complains. How can I respect him? He hasn’t done anything to deserve my respect.”

I’ve heard variations on that theme over and over from so many wives. You’re frustrated because you can’t find anything in your husband worthy of your respect. So you don’t respect him. And he continues to disappoint you.

And your marriage is in a rut. Or worse.

You’ve heard the advice to respect your husband. It’s even Biblical: “However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” (Ephesians 5:33) God knew that respect, as Emerson Eggerichs puts it, “most powerfully motivates a man.”

For you wives who struggle with this, let me turn things around. You want your husband to love you. The Scripture quoted above even commands husbands to love their wives. If you don’t feel loved by your husband, you feel your marriage is in real trouble.

Here’s the question: do you have to earn your husband’s love?

Ouch! “NO!” you scream. “Love is supposed to be unconditional, offered freely. If I have to earn it, it’s not real love!”

And I agree with you. While you have real responsibilities in your marriage, God asks your husband to love you – just because. That’s the way God loves us, and it’s the way husbands are directed to love their wives.

Now back to the idea of respect. Here’s what one husband wrote: “I feel like the more I do, the more she wants. I feel like I’m dealing with a bottomless pit. Nothing will satisfy her!” Can you feel his frustration?

God asks wives to respect their husbands – not in response to anything they do, but just because. He asks them to respect their husbands in the same way he asks husbands to love their wives.

Respect is a gift you offer your husband, not payment for something he has done.      Tweet that.

So how do you do that?

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