Does God Care If You’re Overweight?

Does God Care If You’re Overweight?

God cares about everything. EVERYTHING! That might leave you feeling a bit ashamed if there’s something you know God cares about but you aren’t living up to what you know He would want.

Two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight. Does God care much about that? Have you tried over and over to manage your weight – unsuccessfully, and wonder if God just isn’t paying attention? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that being overweight is just as big an issue – if not bigger – among Christians and Christian leaders than it is among others.

How does God feel about you if you’re overweight?

I answer that here:

In this 3-minute video I talk about two reasons I believe God DOES care about your weight, but they’re probably not what you think.

This is an excerpt from a longer program I did  with my friend Kristi Lemley of Living in the Light TV. We talked about obesity, heart disease, diabetes, menopause, and more. I talk about why what you weigh right now, or even next year is not that important.

But what you weigh five, ten, or fifteen years from now is very important!   Tweet that.

You can see the full program on their website. Just look for the program from July 10th.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with your weight, or are already dealing with diabetes, heart disease, or some other condition as a result. Getting to where you need to go may seem like a mountain too high to climb.

[reminder comment=”I’d love to hear from you in the comments here.“] What have you already tried in dealing with your weight? What is the reason you want to make a change now?[/reminder]

There’s more about all this in my book Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. Among other topics, I talk about:

  • What makes a healthy eating plan and whyDr Carol's Guide to Women's Health
  • Dealing with the hungers we face that have nothing to do with food
  • Managing your weight even through menopause and beyond
  • Preventing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – especially for women
  • A whole lot more

Find out more about Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health.

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Christian Women, their Hormones, and their Mental Health

Christian Women, their Hormones, and their Mental Health

You feel crazy. And your man is CERTAIN that you’re crazy. You feel as though you are a victim to your raging hormones, and you never know what to expect from one day to the next.

If only I could get my hormones under control!

You’re not the only woman who feels this way. Questions about women, their hormones, and their mental health is one of the most frequent health issues I am asked about by my patients, their husbands, radio listeners, readers, or audience members when I speak. If you feel crazy, you’re not alone. And there IS hope!

You don’t have to feel crazy and out of control. There are things you can do to master your hormones instead of letting them master you. Don’t be a victim any longer!

I’m happy to share with you this video in which I talk about women, their hormones, and their mental health. In this video you’ll discover:

  • The three times during a woman’s life when hormones impact mental health most dramatically.
  • The single most important factor that determines how and when hormones cause mental health symptoms.
  • 7 Specific Steps that will allow you to take charge of your hormones rather than letting your hormones master you – ALL WITHOUT A DOCTOR’S VISIT OR PRESCRIPTION!

Are your hormone issues affecting your mental health and wellbeing?

Then you’ll want to download my FREE checklist of the 7 Specific Steps to Mastering your Hormones right away.

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If you don’t have a job that offers health insurance

If you don’t have a job that offers health insurance

[guestpost]I’m so honored to be guest posting with my friend Dan Miller at 48 Days this week. Dan is passionate about helping you find or create work you love, and that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable.[/guestpost]

Perhaps you work for a small business that doesn’t offer traditional benefits such as health insurance. Perhaps you’re an independent contractor or entrepreneur and are concerned about how to manage healthcare costs for you and your family. Or perhaps the health insurance your job provides doesn’t fit with your values or needs.

There are many things you can do to proactively take charge of your healthcare just as you should your work-life, health, and other aspects of your life. You don’t have to let outside circumstances dictate how you will be spending your days. You can do the same with your healthcare. You don’t have to let government regulations, health insurance companies, or your boss (if you have one) determine how you and your family will get health care when you need it.

Of course looking at your options before you are in a health crisis provides the best possibilities. Here are some things to consider.

Want to see my five specific recommendations, including helpful links and resources?

Join me over at the full post on See you there!

And I also talk a lot more about these options in my new book Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. Check it out today!

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Does God Want You to Be In Charge?

Does God Want You to Be In Charge?

Yes. And No. And it’s getting the Yes’s and No’s mixed up that gets us into all kinds of trouble.

When you try take charge of things that God has reserved for Himself you only end up frustrated. You wear yourself out, and it doesn’t work anyway.

When you don’t take charge of things that God has placed in your control, you end up miserable and upset, and tempted to blame God for your problems.

Right from our creation, human beings were created to rule. God is the Ruler of the universe, and we are created in His likeness. We can never become God. (Have you ever tried? We get into all kinds of trouble when we do that, too!) But rulership, dominion, being In Charge, is built into our DNA from the very beginning by God Himself. And that’s a good thing.

Just look at what God said at our creation:

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Why You Should Develop Strong Social Connection for Long-term Health

Why You Should Develop Strong Social Connection for Long-term Health

FriendsWe’ve known for some time that seniors with a stronger social support system live longer. We’ve known that married middle-aged and older individuals, especially men, are healthier physically than those who are unmarried. But we’re just now finding out how early in life the impact of social connection on health begins, and how pervasive and long-lasting those effects can be.

Last week researchers published a large study that correlated measures of social connection with measures of physical health at various times of life, ranging from adolescence to old age. At every stage of life those with stronger social relationships were healthier physically. And especially intriguing, those with more social ties during adolescence continued to have better health through adulthood and old age.

The impact of these relationships was stronger than many other factors we often associate with health. In adolescence, social isolation was as strong a predictor of inflammation in the body as was lack of physical activity. In the senior years, social isolation predicted high blood pressure even better than other measures such as diabetes.

Studies such as this can’t prove cause and effect: we can’t guarantee that developing good social skills and strong friendships will make you live longer and healthier. But this is more evidence of how interdependent the various dimensions of us are. God built us as whole human beings – physical, mental, relational, and spiritual. One part can’t be separated from another. The quality and quantity of your relationships really does impact your physical health – as well as every other aspect of your life.

I was not a very socially integrated adolescent!

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