Why You Don’t Have to Fear the Future

I would like to welcome you to 2014!

The beginning of a new year has been likened to opening a blank page in a book, turning over a new leaf, or wiping the slate clean and starting over. Many people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to improve themselves in the coming year. Polls are taken on whether people like you think the coming year will be better or worse than last year.

But perhaps the analogy I like the best is comparing a new year to a newborn baby. You might guess I would like that one: as an OB-Gyn doctor, I frequently get to be the one who helps a new baby enter the world. It’s a precious moment to hold that newborn baby and present him or her to the wide-eyed parents. There’s nothing that grabs your heart quite like a baby.

From time to time I wonder what kind of life that newborn baby will grow up to have.

Watch this week’s video for an OB-Gyn doctor’s view of new birth and the future, and what God has to say about YOUR future:

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A Christmas Message from Dr Carol

I love Christmas. I love the lights and decorations, the music, the food. I love giving presents to the people I care about. I love seeing the wonder in our grandchildren’s eyes on Christmas morning.

But I didn’t always feel this way about Christmas. There were many Christmases I was alone, sometimes because of work, and sometimes for other reasons. There were times hearing “Silent Night” would bring me to tears. The apparent joy around me made my internal loneliness all the more painful.

Perhaps you are in that place this Christmas.  …..

Watch this week’s video for a new way to think about celebration, especially the celebration of Christmas:

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Stages of Faith: The Journey of Spiritual Growth

Recently we asked you, our audience, what your biggest challenges are, and what you’d like to hear more about. Your number 1 answer: challenges to your spiritual growth.

You may hear a lot about spiritual growth, and what you’re supposed to DO as a Christian. But what’s really the goal of all this activity? What is God really after? Here’s a story that may help.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a classic car enthusiast, always on the lookout for your favorite. One day you find her – a 1957 Chevy 2-door hardtop. Your heart leaps with joy: you know what she can become. You don’t care that the paint is scratched and rusted, the seats are torn, much of the trim is missing, and the engine hasn’t turned over in years. For you, it’s love at first sight.   …”

Watch this week’s video for the rest of the story:


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Surviving the Family Drama at the Holidays

Christmas is a time when even normal families can feel extra stress. And what if yours is not a so-called “normal” family? What if you and your ex are fighting over who gets the kids, and when? What if both sets of in-laws expect you to spend the holidays with them this year? What if several generations in your family have very different needs during this holiday season?

The fact is, your family is probably far from perfect. Unless you’re one of the mythical Cleavers, Christmas probably won’t turn out exactly the way you might wish. Some people in your family may end up being very unhappy, perhaps with you. You may have to spend time around people you don’t like at all. Your efforts to try and make everything wonderful may fall flat, or even lead to more misunderstanding.

So here’s the important tip. …

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When You Dread the Holidays

I have a friend who dreads this time of year. Come each November 15, he wishes he could fast-forward to January 2. The stress, the rush, the shopping, the expectations – he hates it all. And most of all, he hates being lonely.

There are a number of reasons why you might not look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. Holidays make our normal vulnerabilities even more apparent.

If that’s you, there’s one important thing you must do this holiday season. Watch this to find out:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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