Why Seeing Yourself as “Body, Mind, and Soul/Spirit” is a BAD Idea

Why Seeing Yourself as “Body, Mind, and Soul/Spirit” is a BAD Idea

Human BeingI am a spirit, I have a soul, and I live in a body.” Have you been in Christian gatherings where the preacher asked you to say that out loud, or something similar? Perhaps you’ve heard discussions about whether the soul and spirit are the same, or are two different entities in a human being. Or about what part of you God dwells in through His Holy Spirit.

Some people get very emotionally heated over these sometimes esoteric theological/philosophical discussions, and use Scripture to try and prove their perspective. I’ve been present in some of those discussions, and I’ve taken specific positions at various times in my Christian life. And after all, our logo includes Body, Mind, and Soul!

Some readers may disagree with my perspective. But I believe this discussion really misses the point. God didn’t take a bit of this and a bit of that and weld it together with some cosmic superglue when He made you. He created YOU – a unique whole human being, capable of communication with the God of the universe, mortal, but destined for eternity. Quite a mouthful of truth to digest!

You are not a collection of parts. You are a WHOLE HUMAN BEING.

Why does it matter?

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5 Actions to Take With Almost Any Problem

Woman Feeling StressIf it wasn’t one thing it was another. Hot flashes. No sleep. Blood tests showing problems. Both kids recently married, and now having an empty next. Over-the-top work stress. Marriage having some challenges. The very professional woman broke down in tears, hoping for some help from me as her doctor.

Is Linda’s problem medical? Her physical symptoms are very real, and there is a very possible biochemical reason for some of them. There are some medication options that may help. But no pill will fix the stress at her job, or fill her empty nest. And if she was not under this level of stress, the physical symptoms would be much less of an issue.

I explained to Linda how inter-connected a women is in her body, mind, and soul. And we talked through these action steps that I’ll share with you.

When faced with almost any problem, here’s what to do.

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The Ripple Effect: How One Lifestyle Change Creates Another

Young Happy Woman in AutumnMaking lifestyle change takes a lot of effort. And it can get discouraging at times. Setbacks are common. Your original motivation becomes cloudy. Is all that effort really worth it?

But when you start to notice benefits in other areas, it may be easier to find the motivation to stick with the change you know is important. Sometimes those secondary benefits become even more motivating than the initial reasons you made the change.

Here are a few ripples that are easy to understand:

  • Janice lost 25 pounds this past year through eating healthier, and now feels so much more energy to be the mother she wants to be. And her children are happier as she is more engaged with more of the things they need.
  • Daniel quit smoking just days ago, but he’s already noticed
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7 Sure Ways to Stay Young(er)

Senior WomenShe was crying in my office. She had just been told the results of her hormonal evaluation, and it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. It was unlikely she would ever get pregnant again, at least not in the natural way. In human terms, her ovaries were just too old.

Yes, you are only as old as you feel! But none of us enjoys having to face grey hair, skin wrinkles, loss of strength, or “senior moments.” People have been searching for the fountain of youth for centuries.

While Ponce de Leon may have failed to find the fountain of youth in his Florida journeys, your own fountain of youth may be much closer to home. There are many things you can do that either speed up or slow down the aging process. No, none of them will make you live forever. But they will make a big difference in how your body, mind, and soul look and feel.

Here are seven ways to stay young:

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7 Things I Would Say To You As My Patient

Woman Doctor with PatientYou’re tired, you don’t feel well, and you want some help. You come to see me in my office, hoping I will have an answer. Part of you hopes some test will be abnormal to explain why you feel the way you do, and that there is a pill to make everything OK again.

How I wish I could fulfill your hopes! I wish I could fix you. That would make your life, and mine, so much easier.

Occasionally there is a quick answer. But most of the time it’s a matter of you and me figuring things out together. And then it comes down to you taking responsibility for doing what you can for your own wellbeing.

Here are a few things I’d like to tell you:

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