Enter to win an Autographed Copy of my New Book

Enter to win an Autographed Copy of my New Book

Launch week is a big deal for an author. It’s fun, scary, frustrating, nail-biting, exhilarating, and a whole lot more. Whew! And you get to take part in the fun by entering our giveaway!

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare was released on Tuesday, June 6. I’m so excited about this book and this message. If you’re struggling in any way with fear and anxiety, I know this will change your life.

And don’t you love FREE??!! To celebrate, we’re giving away a few autographed copies of the book, and here’s how you can win:

SHARE this video on Facebook or Instagram, and use the hashtag #DefeatYourFear.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32ll5Tp7gkU[/embedyt]


You can share from the YouTube link directly.

You can share from this link directly on Facebook.

We’ll be looking for the hashtag #DefeatYourFear along with your Share of the video, and enter you to win a FREE autographed copy of the book. (Note: U.S. addresses only to receive a free autographed copy.)

In Banres and NobleAnd I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my visit to Barnes & Noble, where I signed the copies they had. The customer service lady was thrilled to be able to sticker them with “Autographed Copy”!

If you missed my Facebook LIVE on Tuesday, the evening of Launch Day, you can watch it here. I share some highlights from the book, and some comments from those who had a chance to read it early.

And as of right now, Amazon still has the book available at a HUGE discount! No telling how long that will last, so you might want to grab a copy right away.


P.S. If you’d prefer to order from our website, you can do so here. And enter the code ThankYou at checkout (one word, no space) to get a 15% discount.

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No Fear of Death: Fearlessness as a Spiritual Weapon

No Fear of Death: Fearlessness as a Spiritual Weapon

Fear of death is perhaps the biggest fear of all. And losing the fear of death brings wonderful freedom and victory.

You may have discovered the power of fearlessness while dealing with a playground bully, a business competitor, or some other rival. No opponent is more invincible than one who has absolutely nothing to fear.

The most effective way to defeat your adversary is to exploit their fear—of exposure, of pain, of losing, of shame. One of Satan’s most effective ways to defeat you is to exploit your fears. No one—not even the enemy—can hold anything over you if you come to the place where you are truly unafraid of the consequences, even no fear of death.

Fear is a weapon Satan uses against us precisely because he knows that once we lose all fear, his attacks no longer have a place to land. Freedom from fear is more than a benefit Christ’s victory makes available to us; it is also one of the strongest weapons we have against Satan and the kingdom of darkness.

The Example of Martyrs

On February 15, 2015, we all saw images on the news of ISIS militants preparing to behead twenty-one Coptic Christians for the crime of believing in Jesus. We can’t be certain of what was going on in the hearts of those twenty-one orange-garbed handcuffed Christians as they knelt in the sand, held by black-hooded terrorists, knowing their lives were about to end. But in the images we saw, their faces showed absolutely no fear.

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How Spirituality and Fear Affect Each Other

How Spirituality and Fear Affect Each Other

You’re afraid. You’re anxious and upset. So you pray. And pray some more. But what about when your fear and anxiety are still there? Does being afraid mean your spiritual life is somehow weak? What are you doing wrong?

The connection between spirituality and fear (or no fear) is not always a simple one. As a believer you know God has an answer to your problems, so when you feel anxious or afraid you go to Him for a solution. There may be times when you feel as though He is really helping you. Your prayers seem to calm your mind or help you rest better. You’re grateful. God has come through.

At other times you may feel even worse when you pray. You start grasping at anything you can think of to try and get relief from God for how you feel. You read your Bible more, go to church more, or practice some spiritual warfare technique you’ve read about. You try to get help from other believers or at a special Christian event. But it feels like a vicious cycle; the more you struggle to find God’s answer, the more upset and anxious you become.

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How you should Vote as a Christian

How you should Vote as a Christian

VoteYes, I’m going to tell you how to vote as a Christian – without apology!

[guestpost]For today only, I am deviating somewhat from the topics you have come to expect. I will return to topics related to good health, loving relationships, and joyful spirituality next week.[/guestpost]

National elections here in the United States happen less than six weeks from now. This election season has been unusually brutal, and these last few weeks promise to be even more so. Money, politics, personalities, scandals – it’s not pretty.

There are many issues on which people base their votes – the economy and jobs, national security, law and order, social justice and equality, illegal immigration, environmental issues, personal freedom, energy policy, the candidate’s character, and more. And God cares about all these things.

But as a believer, there is only ONE criterion on which you can legitimately base your vote:

Which leader is most likely to be beneficial to the Kingdom of God?

Especially this year when disagreements are so sharp and rhetoric so heated, we need to take the larger view – that of the kingdom of God.

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A Woman’s Beauty and Strength: Dangerous or Delightful?

A Woman’s Beauty and Strength: Dangerous or Delightful?

Can we talk? Just you and me, girlfriend?

A woman’s beauty is one source of her strength. But everything depends on how you use it.

As a woman, you are powerful, beautiful, strong, smart, vulnerable, intuitive, and resilient. When God made you earth and heaven smiled, and you completely took Adam’s breath away. You are the expression of the part of God Himself that longs to connect, communicate, and nurture life, intimacy, and so much more. As John Eldredge describes it, every woman has a beauty to unveil.

In part because of your combined beauty and strength, God’s enemy has unleashed his most destructive weapons against you ever since the beginning. You have survived indescribable pain, loss, and torment. You’ve faced the worst that evil can dream up.

And yet you are still here! The assaults on your body, mind, and soul have not taken you out. You may feel down, but you’re not finished yet!

But the question is, What Will You Do Now?

You have two choices.

You can use your beauty and strength to wreak havoc on everyone around you. You DO have that power.

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