Why You Should Want To Go To Heaven

Why You Should Want To Go To Heaven

Do you really want to go to heaven? Really?

Or are you hoping Jesus won’t come back for a while? After all, there are things you want to do, experiences you want to enjoy, challenges you want to win, places you want to see.

This world, with all its problems and opportunities, is so real. And heaven seems so, well, unreal.

If you’re dying of Ebola in Liberia, you probably want to go to heaven. If you’re six-year-old Jenny running from her crazed father (remember Forrest Gump?), you want to go to heaven. If you’re sick and tired and old and sad, you may well want to go to heaven.

But for many of the rest of us, even those who believe in heaven, we may not really be that sure we’d be happier in heaven than we are here. Intellectually we may say we believe heaven will be happy. But when it comes right down to it, do you sometimes feel like you would miss a lot if you went to heaven right now?

Even the Apostle Paul struggled a little with weather he wanted to go to heaven or stay here and do more of what God had given him to do: “If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body.” (Phil. 1:22-24)

It’s human nature to prefer a difficult known to even a hopefully perfect unknown. But as Corrie ten Boom said, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God!”

To help put some “skin” on the future God has prepared for those who love Him, here are some things we can be certain of about heaven:

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What To Do When EVERYTHING Is Going Wrong

Bad DayYou’re resilient. You’ve met problems before, and you know how to push through when things get difficult. You’re a “can-do” kind of person, and it’s not your nature to let obstacles stop you.

But sometimes even the strongest of us can get overwhelmed. When problems come at you from all directions at once your normal coping mechanisms can become stretched terribly thin.

Have you ever had times when all of these things happen at once?

  • A source of money suddenly dries up
  • A family member becomes ill
  • Technical problems threaten to undo months of work
  • It takes ten times as long (weeks) to complete an important task that should be relatively easy (few days)
  • Emotional pressure seems to stall clear thinking

There are times when it seems nothing else can go wrong.

Until it does!

You know how characters in crime shows often say, “I don’t believe in coincidences?” Well, I don’t either. When all kinds of problems are cropping up in multiple areas, there are three possible reasons:

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What Does The Bible Say To A Man Whose Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

What Does The Bible Say To A Man Whose Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

Doesn’t the Bible say a man is head of his house, and has a right to sex with his wife?”

“During those long months when she was getting chemo other women started to look awfully appealing.”

“My wife and I are Christians, but I can’t seem to get her to agree to have sex with me when I need it.”

You can struggle greatly when your wife does not or cannot respond to you sexually. It’s a little ironic: here I am a woman, talking to men about sex. That’s because I’ve been asked about this specific question more than once, and this post is my answer. You may be struggling with this in your marriage and have told no one. I hope this helps you in some way.

But you also need to hear from other men. Check the bottom of this post: there are a few resources listed there that I believe you will find helpful.

I suspect some men asking this question may be looking for a Biblical excuse to get sex from somewhere outside of your marriage. Sorry: I’m not going to provide one. It isn’t there.

I suspect some other men asking this question may be looking for a Biblical reason to demand that their wife allow sexual intimacy whenever they wish her to. Again, sorry to disappoint you. I don’t find that in Scripture either.

But most men asking this question are truly struggling with the feelings of rejection, frustration, sexual tension, hopelessness, or even anger that come from being sexually unfulfilled in your marriage. You feel “slapped in the face” over and over again, and it reaches to the innermost part of your soul. Part of you wants to honor God, but you find your sexual drives difficult to manage when your wife is unwilling or unable to respond. Engaging in sexual intercourse is a big part of what makes you feel like a man, and right now you don’t feel much like a man at all.

What the Bible Says

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What Would You Do If You KNEW What God Told You Was True?

Jesus Calms the StormOf course I believe what God said! He’s God, right?”

But do you really? Do you really believe what you say you believe about God?

I’ve read the Bible many times, but I still remember a Bible story book I had a child. It told the story of Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4:35-41). Fearing for their lives, the disciples were valiantly trying to save themselves and the boat. They awoke Jesus, asleep in the boat, who then stood and spoke to the wind and waves. “Peace, be still!” And everything became quiet.

Right in the middle of the storm, Jesus questioned the disciples’ faith. In the words of the children’s book, He said to them, “Why were you afraid? Why were you afraid when I was with you?!”

We so easily become frustrated, angry, afraid, or discouraged by the circumstances around us, or the thoughts in our own mind. It’s so easy to say, “If Jesus were right here with me, I wouldn’t be …. (afraid, discouraged, etc).”

But He IS right there with you!

What would you do if you really believed that?

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Do’s and Don’ts For When Your Spouse Is Depressed

Do’s and Don’ts For When Your Spouse Is Depressed

Depressed SpouseSarah wasn’t sure if she was feeling down because of something wrong with her, or if she was simply feeling her husband’s depression. His recent health problems had led to the loss of his job, and he was taking it very hard. Many days Sarah found herself feeling guilty that she wasn’t being a better support to the man she loved at such a difficult time.

When you’re married, your spouse’s mood can affect you a great deal. If the one you love and live with is depressed your own emotions can take a severe beating. Especially if you have been strongly connected in your marriage you may find it hard to separate your own feelings from those of your spouse.

God’s plan for marriage is that husband and wife be a support to each other in good times and in bad. When your spouse is struggling with depression you will likely need to draw on the full range of physical, emotional, and spiritual coping strategies in order to do so.

During such challenging times, there are two goals to keep in mind:

  1. Maintain your own strength.
  2. Be a helpful support to your spouse.

It’s possible to fall into the ditch on either side of this path. Ignoring your spouse’s extra vulnerabilities and needs, and refusing to help where you can, may well destroy your marriage, and certainly is not the Christian model of love. But ignoring your own vulnerabilities and needs in favor of your spouse’s will leave you completely spent and unable to help in any meaningful way.

A few things to do and not to do that will help you remain sane, strong, and supportive:

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