A Big Enough Reason

Recovery ButtonMaking a change is hard. Habit, routine, addiction, convenience, or a thousand other reasons keep us doing the same thing over and over again, even if it’s terribly unhealthy. Or dangerous. Or even deadly.

It takes a big enough reason to endure the anxiety, setbacks, difficulty, or even pain that may be involved in making a lifestyle change. Sometimes that reason is positive, where the outcome you desire is enticing enough to work hard for. Sometimes that reason is negative, where the pain of remaining where you are is big enough to force a change.

We usually respond better to positive reasons for change. But when severe enough, sometimes a negative reason will do.

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A Time for Everything

The Byrds Turn Turn TurnThe Byrds sang it: “A time to every purpose under heaven.”

I wonder how many people who still sing Turn! Turn! Turn! realize that the lyrics were taken essentially word-for-word from the Bible, Ecclesiastes ch. 3. It talks about a truth that those of us who live in this super-charged ultra-fast over-connected society often forget.

As an OB-Gyn physician I rejoice when it’s a time to be born. But I struggle to not feel like a failure when it’s time for one of my patients, or worse yet a close friend or family member, to die.

I find myself looking for the time to laugh and dance. I struggle to embrace the time to weep and mourn.

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I Can’t Change Your Life

Thinking Through a DecisionSometimes you hear someone say, “You changed my life!” Perhaps you’ve said it to someone yourself.

But mostly that’s a false statement.

There may be a kernel of truth there, but the larger truth is that I can’t change your life. Nobody else can. It’s up to you!

We get into a lot of trouble when we wait for someone else to change something for us. The real truth is that no government program can fix you. No professional can fix you. No spouse or parent or friend can fix you.

And even God can’t fix you!

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, let me clarify.

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I HOPE I’ve Changed!

I HOPE I’ve Changed!

Happy Young WomanChange can feel threatening, especially to those looking on. I’m sure you’ve heard some variety of the saying, “The only thing that never changes is that things will always change.” One of my valued professors said it this way: “You never put your foot in the same river twice.”

Change that happens around us can feel very un-nerving. And change we choose ourselves can be just as uncomfortable. But if we DON’T change, we won’t ever get better results. The anxiety and discomfort we experience as we go through change is temporary, but absolutely necessary. Research actually demonstrates that those who successfully change anything significant in their lives are willing to experience some real anxiety along the way, but keep on going regardless of how uncomfortable they feel.

I’m not the way I used to be. And I’m glad!

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