10 Excuses That Won’t Work With God

10 Excuses That Won’t Work With God

No ExcusesHave you read something in the Bible that you sense God asking you to apply to your life? Do you hear His voice in your heart asking you to do something for Him that seems really big? Do you feel the Holy Spirit pulling you to make a change in your lifestyle? Are you waiting for God to fulfill something you believe He has promised you?

God is as eager to bless you, heal you, give you good things, or fulfill a big purpose in your life as a father or mother is to give good things to their children. (Matthew 7:11) Most of what He wants for you is bigger and more eternal than you could imagine for yourself.

But too often we humans are so short-sighted, selfish, or afraid that we don’t take advantage of what God offers. It’s like a child afraid to get onto a bicycle or jump into a swimming pool. The joy of swimming or riding a bike is waiting for you, but it takes being willing to risk, and trusting that your parent (God) will be there.

God has been dealing with excuses from us humans for a long time. Moses complained that he couldn’t speak well when God sent him on a big mission (Exodus 4:10-12). The children of Israel saw themselves as grasshoppers, and failed to enter the land of Canaan when they could (Numbers 13:33). God had to warn Jeremiah not to worry about his young age when God called him to speak for Him (Jeremiah 1:7). God certainly understands our human emotions, but He still expects us to step up and respond when He speaks.

Here are some excuses that won’t work with God when He asks something of you:

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The Ripple Effect: How One Lifestyle Change Creates Another

Young Happy Woman in AutumnMaking lifestyle change takes a lot of effort. And it can get discouraging at times. Setbacks are common. Your original motivation becomes cloudy. Is all that effort really worth it?

But when you start to notice benefits in other areas, it may be easier to find the motivation to stick with the change you know is important. Sometimes those secondary benefits become even more motivating than the initial reasons you made the change.

Here are a few ripples that are easy to understand:

  • Janice lost 25 pounds this past year through eating healthier, and now feels so much more energy to be the mother she wants to be. And her children are happier as she is more engaged with more of the things they need.
  • Daniel quit smoking just days ago, but he’s already noticed
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5 Things to be Angry About

5 Things to be Angry About

It’s good to be angry! There are some things to be angry about. If you are not angry at intolerable evil, you will never have the motivation to do something about it.

This past week many of us have been angry over the terrorist bombings in Boston. And rightfully so! Anger provides the emotional energy to push back against things that are wrong. Sometimes we push that anger away too quickly. Anger is our warning light that something needs to change. When the problem is outside of our ability to control we cannot always accomplish all the change we would like to. But we can do something! Paying attention to the anger is important.

Here are some things I hope each of us is angry about:

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7 Benefits of Healthy Living Beyond Being Healthy

Businesswoman Crossing ArmsSure, eating right and getting enough exercise will lessen your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. And doing so is likely to help you live longer. But is that all?

For many people, lessening the risk of disease or living longer is a rather boring, un-spectacular motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because of habit, convenience, or laziness our lifestyle naturally deteriorates in an unhealthy direction. You can blame some of that on stress, media, environment, and more.

Understanding more of the “other” benefits of healthy living can help us find more of the motivation necessary to actually make those healthy lifestyle choices. Here are some of those benefits.

A healthy lifestyle will help you:

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The Journey From Being Squeezed to Thriving

Pressure GaugeWe don’t like being squeezed! Just the thought of it is uncomfortable. And yet it’s the only way we know what’s truly inside of us. (For the “Squeezed” story, see “What Changes You?”)

What happens when we get squeezed? Our first reaction is usually to cry something like, “That’s not fair!” “Why me?”

When some people get squeezed they become bitter, angry, and isolated. And other people take those times of being squeezed and leverage them into an opportunity for growth. What makes the difference? What is it that determines whether one’s heart becomes softened and matured, or hardened and brittle? (Yes, I do believe you can choose which outcome happens to you.)

A few of you shared bits of your own stories of being squeezed that I’ve included here.

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