Surviving the Family Drama at the Holidays

Christmas is a time when even normal families can feel extra stress. And what if yours is not a so-called “normal” family? What if you and your ex are fighting over who gets the kids, and when? What if both sets of in-laws expect you to spend the holidays with them this year? What if several generations in your family have very different needs during this holiday season?

The fact is, your family is probably far from perfect. Unless you’re one of the mythical Cleavers, Christmas probably won’t turn out exactly the way you might wish. Some people in your family may end up being very unhappy, perhaps with you. You may have to spend time around people you don’t like at all. Your efforts to try and make everything wonderful may fall flat, or even lead to more misunderstanding.

So here’s the important tip. …

On the most recent Dr Carol Show we talk about family drama at the Christmas season: stepfamilies, in-laws, multiple generations, and more. We offer advice on how to get through the holidays without becoming trapped in the drama. Dr Carol talks with a man whose girlfriend’s teenage daughter is taking advantage of her mother, a man who wonders whether to attend a holiday gathering involving his ex-wife’s family and their children, and a grandmother worried about her granddaughter.

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Some of the resources we mention on the program:

Your turn: Have you experienced family drama in past holidays? What can you do to lessen the drama this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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