Stuck at home with your spouse? Date nights have become an important way husbands and wives in our culture stay connected. But during this season of voluntary or forced staying at home, it’s likely you can’t go out to eat, or to the movies, or any of the other activities you’re used to doing together. So here are some possibilities for Date Night In.

Think about this as finding ways to stay connected. Being in the same house does not mean your hearts are in the same place. This season may also provide an opportunity to get connected in areas you haven’t been before.

Continuing to think of it as Date Night has several benefits. It gives you something to look forward to, and it defines the event as a time when you can focus on each other. Whatever fulfills those criteria is probably fair game. So shut off the cable news, put your phones in the other room and on mute, and focus on each other for a couple hours.

Get creative! But to get your creativity juices flowing, here are a few ideas even if you’re stuck at home with your spouse.

  1. Go through old home movies or pictures.

Remember what first drew you together. Look at pictures or movies from when you were dating, your wedding, or other important events in your lives together. Your memories may not be exactly the same; listen to each other. If you have them, look at pictures from each of you as children. You might find out some back story about your spouse you didn’t know before.

  1. Cook a meal together.

Your eating habits may well have changed during this season. Get creative with what you have available. Or plan enough in advance that you can shop for a couple unique ingredients to try. Prepare the food together. Make it an experience.

  1. Take a long walk outside.

(This may not be possible in some areas.) As long as you’re not physically close to other humans, walking outside together is one of the best ways to nourish both your body and your soul. Try holding hands. Spring is here; pick a flower if you can. If possible explore walking somewhere you haven’t gone before.

  1. Learn marriage skills together.

Your marriage can always get better. There are a number of Christian marriage experts who offer online resources on communication, sex, love languages, and more. Read a marriage book together, and talk about it. Our Guide to Healthy Communication in Marriage includes an 8-week communication challenge that can provide some great material for this.

  1. Play a game.

Board games, card games, hide-and-seek, 20 questions, truth or dare – there are all kinds of possibilities. Or make up your own game. Games you may have thought were only for kids can often be turned into adult versions – with lots of laughs. Intentionally having some fun together is an awesome stress reliever, and it will bring you closer together.

  1. Create a treasure hunt.

Decide in advance whose turn it is to create the treasure hunt. Leave clues around the house or yard that remind you of your relationship: “Where I lost your keys and you later found them.” Or “Inside the back cover of your (or my) favorite book.” On your date night, enjoy finding the clues and laughing about memories of your life together.

  1. Dinner and a movie.

Yes, dinner and a movie IN. Order take-out or delivery. Set the table. Put on some music. And when you’re finished eating watch a movie together that you can both enjoy. For extra credit, make popcorn, or possibly even open a bottle of wine.

  1. Work on a home or yard project.

Some might not think of this as a date night activity, but it can be. Accomplishing something together can be great for your mental health and your relationship. What about getting the winter grunge off the patio, organizing the closet, preparing flower beds for spring, or some spring cleaning of the house.

  1. Learn something together.

That might or might not be directly about relationships. What about an online cooking class you do together, a non-fiction book to read and talk about, or researching a travel destination you’d like to visit. Consider something you’ve enjoyed doing together in the past and find a way to deepen your joint understanding of that activity.

  1. Get physical.

I’m not talking about sex (although it might end up there!). Challenge each other to a calisthenics competition. Wash the car or driveway together (adult water fights can be a lot of fun!). Give each other a massage. Gather a bunch of objects and see how many your spouse can guess by feel only, with their eyes blindfolded.

  1. Talk about sex.

Yes, talk about it! Sex is not just physical; it’s meant to be an expression of the emotional and spiritual connection between husband and wife. How well is your spouse experiencing that? What’s working between you? What would you each like to be better? What aspects of your sexual story or your sexual desires doesn’t your spouse yet know about?

  1. Talk about the future.

In these uncertain times the more united you and your spouse can be in addressing challenges, the better. What are you each afraid of? How would you hope you can move forward? What might these things mean for your family? What’s most important to each of you in responding? What are you and your spouse hearing from God in this season?

These are only a few of the questions you can – and should – talk about together.

Your date nights should include a variety of fun and depth, doing things and talking, entertainment and growth.

Continue to give intentional focus to nurturing your relationship together. Whatever the future holds as far as our earthly experience, that investment will pay off.

Your Turn: What creative ideas have you discovered around date night? Which of these ideas are you going to try next? Leave a comment below.

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