Help us bring the message of living Fully Alive to others.



It’s All Because of YOU!

Anxiety. Marriage conflict. Divorce. Addiction. Depression. Grief. Hurt.

Despite our redemption in Christ, we live in a fallen world where challenges like these happen to us all. God made you and me as integrated, whole human beings. And every dimension of our lives needs adequate tending and nourishment for us to thrive as God intended and serve Him with our whole being.

Your tax-deductible gift will be used to change lives everywhere, from a single parent in the United States to a pastor experiencing marital challenges on the other side of the world, and everywhere in between.

But we can’t do it without your help! By making a gift today, you will help others find freedom and move forward in the life that Jesus calls us into through His love and grace.

Help us bring the message of living Fully Alive to those who need it in body, mind or spirit.

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Some responses from those your gifts have helped:

“Glory!!! Every time I receive a message from you it’s like God is speaking to my current experiences. Thank you so much.”  — Obrian

“I cannot thank you and your faithful team enough. My marriage is being restored and I am back preaching.” — John

“Your work and ministry is blessing my life and impacting me in so many areas.  What God has given you is so timely for me personally. Thank you Dr. Carol! From one ministered soul to you.”  — Mady