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Thoughtful Applications of Spiritual Realities to Relationships, Growth,...

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Thoughtful Applications of Spiritual Realities to Relationships, Growth, and Other Tough Stuff

This e-book encompasses a collection of articles by Dr Carol that will encourage, delight, and stretch you spiritually. Some ideas will get you thinking. You will enjoy the practical applications of spiritual realities to the stuff you face every day.

Downloadable as a pdf, you can receive this e-book immediately.

Each of the 7 chapters closes with a specific prayer and Scripture to make the information personal to you.

Table of Contents:

1. What Breaks Your Heart? Finding Your Purpose In Life

2. Growing Up Is Hard To Do: Developing Spiritual Maturity

3. A Streetcar Named Desire: Navigating Our Human Desires

4. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

5. It’s So Tough! Persistence Through Pain

6. More Powerful Than You Think: Your Impact On Other People

7. Too Late Or Too Early? Starting Fresh Today


Reader Comment:

“In your book I loved the section “Streetcar Named Desire!” It is exactly what God is addressing in my life right now.” – Vanessa