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Your body, mind, and soul are “baked” together into a beautiful, integrated...

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Your Prescription for Healthy Living, Loving Relationships, and Joyful Spirituality

Have you ever tried to have a meaningful time of prayer with God while struggling with a serious headache? Or how about that knot in your stomach and trouble sleeping when you and your spouse have had a fight?

Your body, mind, and soul are “baked” together into a beautiful, integrated whole. What affects one part affects them all.

In this extended consultation with Dr. Carol you will:

  • Understand why your physical health, personal relationships, or spiritual life feel stagnant, unhealthy, or painful.
  • Discover how either dysfunction or wellbeing in any area of your life impacts your wellbeing in every other area.
  • Hear God’s answer to the roadblocks you face on the road to wholeness.
  • Know specific action steps you can take to find the life of peace, love, and joy you so much desire.

Through stories, Biblical and scientific references, and clear action plans Dr. Carol provides you the prescription you need to find the life for which God created you.

Copyright: Dr Carol Peters-Tanksley, 2015, Credo House Publishers


Table of Contents:

Part 1: Healthy Person
  1. Whole Human Beings: Who Are We
  2. Don’t Ignore the Symptoms: A Lifestyle Checkup
  3. The Extra Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle
  4. It Isn’t All about Me: Your Impact on Others
  5. How I Got My Husband to Change
  6. Finding Your BIG ENOUGH Reason
  7. Addiction: A Total-Person Disease
  8. How Your Body Affects Your Mind and Soul
  9. It’s All in Your Mind: Thinking and Health
  10. Learning to Feed Yourself
  11. Where Does Healing Begin?
  12. What Healthy Looks Like
Part 2: Healthy Relationships 
  1. How Relationships Affect Your Health
  2. Family of Origin: No More Drama
  3. When You’re Single
  4. Red, Yellow, Green: Your Relationship Traffic Light
  5. Why Is Sex So Slippery?
  6. The Beyond-the-Bedroom Benefits of Healthy Sex
  7. Contraception, STDs, and Other Complications
  8. What Makes a Marriage Work?
  9. The WHAT and the HOW of Communication in Marriage
  10. When Marriage Doesn’t Work: Infidelity and Divorce
  11. Do’s and Don’ts for Wives on Placing God First
  12. Especially for Men: What Women Wish They Knew
Part 3: Healthy Spirituality
  1. Why Spirituality Matters for Your Health
  2. Making Scripture Work
  3. What Prayer Is All About
  4. Sex and Spirituality
  5. “Unless You Forgive . . . ”
  6. In Love and War: The Action Part of Love
  7. What God Will NOT Do for You
  8. “God, Help Me!” Working Together with God
  9. What Is Healthy Spirituality?
  10. How to Know If Your Faith Is Working
  11. “I Am the God Who Heals You”
  12. Far into the Future: The Eternal Perspective

What Others are Saying:

As a physician and doctor of souls, Dr. Carol is uniquely qualified to write this book of knowledge and wisdom. She is well known as a proponent of whole-person health and lifestyle. This book is sure to lead many to wholeness.

— Thomsen Mathew, D.Min., Ed.D., Dean, College of Theology and Ministry, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Carol combines wise medical advice with sound biblical principles for healthy living, not just for the body but for soul and spirit. She understands that physical health is closely interconnected with vibrant Christian spirituality, wholesome relationships, emotional wellbeing, and strong marital bonding. Live Healthy, Live Whole presents counsel that is both highly practical and solidly biblical.

— Paul L. King, D.Min., Th.D., author of God’s Healing Arsenal: A Divine Battle Plan for Overcoming Distress and Disease and others

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