Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health

When you hear the term “women’s health” you probably...

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Take Charge of Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Women’s Health has become a hot topic in 21st century culture. When you hear that term you probably think first of the kind of healthcare you would receive at a women’s clinic or your OB-Gyn physician’s office. Unfortunately the controversies over such things as contraception, abortion, and insurance coverage have obscured what women’s health is really all about.

A healthy woman is so much more than her reproductive organs!

Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will help women feel as though they are talking to a trusted friend, who is also an OB-Gyn physician. This guide offers medical science, the author’s practical experience, and a faith perspective to the spectrum of physical and mental health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives.

Topics include:

  • Hormones, infertility, and pregnancy
  • Women’s mental health (such as depression, anxiety, and stress)
  • Diseases that especially affect women
  • Lifestyle and disease prevention
  • Interacting with doctors and today’s healthcare system
  • Information for moms to teach adolescent girls
  • Much more!

Copyright: Dr Carol Peters-Tanksley, 2016, Charisma House Publishers


Table of Contents

  1. What is a Healthy Woman?

Section 1: Reproductive Health

  1. What’s Normal and What’s Not
  2. When it’s NOT Normal, Part 1: Pain
  3. When it’s NOT Normal, Part 2: Bleeding
  4. Contraception
  5. Planning For and Having a Healthy Pregnancy
  6. All About Infertility
  7. What To Do About Menopause
Section 2: Long-term Health
  1. Eat To Live
  2. Managing Your Weight
  3. Cancer Prevention for Women
  4. Diseases Older Women Face
  5. Staying Younger Longer
Section 3: You and Your Doctor
  1. Seeing and Talking With Your Doctor
  2. Do You Really Need That Test?
  3. Navigating Today’s Healthcare System
  4. Evaluating and Using Supplements
Section 4: Mental/Emotional Health
  1. Your Mind Or Your Body?
  2. A Woman’s Troubled Mind
  3. When Hormones Cause Mental Problems
  4. Connect With Your Husband Sexually
  5. Managing Stress Well
  6. Spirituality and Health
  1. It’s Never Too Late

What Others are Saying

Dr. Carol’s Guide fulfills an unmet need in the area of Women’s Health. In a very reader friendly style, the author combines medical science with her practical and personal experience through a Jesus Christ faith based perspective. Dr. Carol’s medical and ministry background gives her an extensive foundation from which to approach this subject. I enthusiastically endorse this book since it uniquely deals in a Christ centered approach with difficult physical and mental/emotional health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives. It will be a tremendous resource in Women’s Health literature. I encourage the reader to go on this journey with Dr. Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health.

— Donald R. Tredway, MD, PhD, Former Chairman of the Department Obstetrics & Gynecology and University of Oklahoma Tulsa Medical College; retired VP of Clinical Development Unit, Metabolic & Reproductive Endocrinology, EMD Serono (Merck KGA)

Dr. Carol combines her expertise as a medical doctor and her strong Christian faith to provide wise counsel for total wholeness for women in body, soul, and spirit. A book my wife wishes she had years ago! This is a valuable guide for husbands as well in understanding their wives’ spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, feelings, and whole person health care.

— Dr Paul King, D.Min, D.Th., former professor Oral Roberts University, Interdenominational International Speaker & Seminar Teacher

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