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Navigating Midlife

Don’t be the passenger letting midlife drive you crazy. Learn how to take the wheel and become the navigator of your life. This no holds barred e-course addresses it all: physical changes, sex, mental/emotional wellbeing, external pressures, God’s plan for you, and more. Navigating Midlife draws from contemporary medical research and from scripture – not random Google searches. This can be the BEST season of your life!


The course will help you experience freedom from wounds and mistakes of the past, healing in the present, and grace and empowerment to write a new chapter for your future. Sexpectations will also help you deal with the past behaviors, mindsets, and shame that have brought so many problems. It’s more than just being freed from doing hurtful things; you’ll know what to do with the needs and desires you feel on the inside.

Powerful Breakthrough Prayers

Broken into five course modules, Powerful Breakthrough Prayers is designed for you to experience life the way God intended–regardless of the challenges you may be facing. Drawing from her own “breakthrough” experience, Dr. Carol will equip you with the spiritual tools you’ll need to take action!

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