Fully Alive Group

The really good news is, You Don’t Have to Live Like This!

Yes, Jesus loves you just the way you are, unconditionally. But He also loves you too much to let you stay in the condition in which He finds you! He wants you to experience being truly Fully Alive physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Imagine no longer feeling frustrated and stuck. The hang-ups you’ve been struggling with, shame from the past, and not knowing what to do next – they no longer have to cause you to take a few steps forward, but then fall back.

That’s exactly where I was 20 years ago. I discovered the way out, and I can help you find the way out too.

I’ve heard from so many of you that you would like more – more personalized help to walk through the challenges you face, more connection with me, more guidance getting beyond the “issues” and truly enjoying the life Jesus came to bring us.

In response to your requests, I’m so excited to announce:

The Fully Alive Group is here!

Invitation to Fully Alive Group

Watch my video invitation!

The Fully Alive Group is a brand new online community empowering people just like you with what you need to thrive as God intended.

While God can meet you anywhere, His usual way of growing us is through connections with others. As part of the Fully Alive Group you’ll find both a roadmap and a community that will help you experience this kind of life.

Monthly teachings from me, guest appearances by some of the leading experts in the fields of health, spirituality, and relationships, live online question-and-answer sessions, downloadable tip sheets and resource guides, interactive forums – all this and more is part of this online experience.

The Fully Alive Group is about much more than information and inspiration; it’s about equipping you with practical tools and strategies to truly get to where God is inviting you to go.

No topic will be off limits. We’ll tackle the difficult issues in depth, such as:

  • Wrestling with sex and sexuality – married or single
  • Overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression
  • Developing healthy communication in marriage
  • Experiencing a healthy physical lifestyle
  • Getting past toxic religion to a living loving relationship with God

Wouldn’t you love to be part of such an online community?

Now you can!

You really don’t have to live like this! If you’re sick and tired of feeling frustrated and stuck, if you want to connect with others who are also seeking to live Fully Alive, if you want to experience all the life Jesus came to bring, the Fully Alive Group is for you.

You can become a Fully Alive Group member today!

Our first online event will be Tuesday, June 4, 2019 and I would love for you to be a part.

But don’t wait until then! If you become a Fully Alive Group member now, you will get two weeks of membership absolutely free! (The group forums and all the great content becomes available on June 3. Two weeks free means your first billing won’t be until June 17!)

So don’t wait. Check out the brand new Fully Alive Group, and become a member right now.

In Christ,

Dr Carol Signature

P.S. If you’re on Facebook, join me tomorrow evening, May 21st, 7:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm Central) on the Dr Carol page where I’ll be talking about the Fully Alive Group, and answering your questions. Can’t wait to see you then!

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