Same-Sex Attracted and Married to an Opposite-Sex Spouse

Garry and Melissa Ingraham each experienced deep sexual and relational brokenness from an early age, including pornography addiction, identity confusion, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and more. Their struggles continued after becoming Christians, but over time God powerfully changed their lives, including bringing them together in marriage. Now they together run the Love and Truth Network ministry.

In this eye-opening episode Dr. Carol asks Garry and Melissa some hard questions; how are they handling sexuality in their marriage? What does their story say to other individuals and couples struggling with sexual brokenness? What does the body of Christ need to be doing about this?

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Other resources Garry and Melissa mentioned include:
– Pure Desire Ministries
– SHE Recovery
– Focus on the Family referral services
– The Freedom Fight resources and app

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