Love it or hate it, sex is a big deal. And regardless of your relationship status, you have a sexual story.

Redefine How You Look at God, Sex, and Relationships

Sex is a big deal–yet many Christians struggle to make sense of their sexual story in light of their faith. Porn addiction, hooking up, hating sex, same-sex attraction, fighting about sex, or past sexual harm become part of a cycle of shame you can’t escape.

Offering a redemptive, practical path to sexual wholeness, physician and minister Dr. Carol Tanksley shows how to understand both the good and not-so-good parts of your sexual story. Drawing from real-life stories, biblical truth, and contemporary research, Dr. Carol empowers you to:

  • reinterpret your sexual story with honesty and compassion
  • find freedom from shame, compulsive behaviors, past harm, and hiding
  • redefine the way you look at God, sex, love, and relationships
  • orient your sexuality as God intended and embrace what he has for your future

Regardless of your relationship status, don’t let your past keep you from experiencing what you were created for: true intimacy with God and others. Reclaim his vision of sexuality and intimacy so you and He together can write your next chapter with hope.

Copyright: Carol Tanksley, MD, DMin, 2023, Chosen Books

Table of Contents

  1. How Could This Happen?
  2. The Sexual Story God Intended for You
  3. Intimacy Gone Wrong: How Sex Has Lost Its Glory
  4. The Haunting: Where You Are Now
  5. Healing is a Choice: Embracing the Process of Transformation
  6. Facing the Opposition
  7. Toward Restoration: The Journey Home
  8. Married Sex: Can It Be Good?
  9. Single, Christian, and Sexual
  10. The Ultimate Story: Intimacy Forever

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Carol is uniquely qualified to address the close and often complicated relationship between our sexuality and spirituality.

Bill Buker, DMin, PhD, LPC, associate dean and senior professor of counseling, Graduate School of Theology and Ministry, Oral Roberts University

Dr. Carol’s new book is full of grace and truth—just like Jesus was. She shows readers how to bring Jesus into their sexual story so they can be whole.

– Joe Champion, Senior Pastor, Celebration Church, Georgetown, TX; author, Confronting Compromise

Dr. Carol does a masterful job of inviting the reader to explore their story in a hopeful and redemptive way.

Jonathan Daugherty, founder and president, Be Broken Ministries

As someone who has sexual trauma in her past and experiences same-sex attractions, it was refreshing to read a book that includes my type of sexual story.

Laurie Krieg, president, Impossible Ministries

Dr. Carol is a credible, compassionate, fun, and understanding guide, helping you on a safe path to courageously go where you have never gone to receive what you were designed to have: true intimacy and Jesus!

– Mary Ann Otley, founder, Love Triumphs

This book addresses many of the conversations we all wish we could have in a safe, Christ-centered manner.

Nick Stumbo, executive director, Pure Desire Ministries

A home run! … Sidestepping superficial strategies, she invites you to ask tough questions and bravely confront the issues keeping you imprisoned.

Gary Thomas, author, Sacred Marriage and Cherish

Dr. Carol Tanksley has created a path of healing in the pages ahead. Her readers will find hope and restoration.

Jonathan Pokluda, lead pastor, Harris Creek Baptist Church; bestselling author; podcast host, Becoming Something

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